More Staff Favorites

Lynn and Diane are our Sewing Consultants, and their favorite tools are in our Sewing Department!lynnkinney

Lynn mentioned two favorite tools. One is the Squeeze Snip a Stitch Scissor. “The little hook slides under machine embroidery jump stitches with ease and you can clip close to the fabric. It’s also great for removing stitches in serging and sewing.”20821bHer second favorite is the Extra-Long Tweezers. (53430)  “They’re great for maneuvering those threads around a serger. The tips are long & narrow and squeeze together easily saving me many moments of frustration.”20141122_195841dianejamesDiane really loves the Steady Betty Pressing Surface(40896)  “When pressing triangles or other bias edges in your quilts, the Steady Betty keeps the fabric from stretching. It grabs hold during pressing.  This results in are a more true size piece, easier to square up.20141123_090005“It’s also a great surface to use when you’re hooping fabric for embroidery.  It holds the bottom of the hoop so you aren’t chasing it across your table. It’s also nice to use for pressing your finished embroidery design instead of a towel.”

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More of Our Staff’s Essential Tools

Darleen takes us back to basics. The first thing she thought of darleendaviswhen I asked for her favorite tool is the 6” Sewing Gauge “I couldn’t imagine my sewing box with out it. It was one of the first notions I was given when I started to sew as a young girl and when it broke some 30 years later, I had to replace it right away. It is always with me, whether I am at the sewing machine, hand sewing or at the ironing board.”20141102_183617debbieramsey

Unfortunately Debbie had to leave Erica’s for personal reasons and we miss her, but before she left she told me about her favorite tools. “The first is the Clover White Marking Pen.  I love this marker for tracing my applique cut outs on darker fabric.  This fine line marker vanishes with the touch of an iron and is an invaluable tool in my supply box.20141102_130828The other is the Pocket Color Wheel.  This is so helpful when trying to make a quilt that is outside of my normal realm of choices.  I also use it around the house for decorating decisions.”66665b

Stay tuned for more staff picks next week.

Staff Picks ~ A Few of our Favorite Things

This is the beginning of the series I promised, with our staff’s favorite tools.  So, without further ado, and in no particular order…kimkimbrell

We’ll start with Kim K. We call her that because when she started, we already had a Kim and a Kimmy! Kim K. works in our cutting department and makes many of the fabric packs we have available to you for various patterns.

She uses a rotary tool in her job, but her favorite tool is the 4″ Perfect Scissors. She’d used them here at Erica’s and thought they were fabulous!!! She now has her own, and says she loves them because they’re so light and easy to hold and use.  You can see a video by Karen Kay Buckley, the designer of the Perfect Scissors line, on our website by clicking herePicture0004

Since the video was made, Karen has added two more to her line and you can find them on this scissors page, part way down.  (A12671) There is a 6” version, and a small curved version.  (A19042)kimmyclear

Speaking of our “Kims,” Kimmy in our Sewing Machine Repair Department, also chose the 4” Perfect Scissors as her favorite.

She tells us, “I got them almost four years ago, and I still think they live up to their name! They’re great for detailed cutting, like appliqué. In fact, I like them so much I picked 20141025_190857up the 7 1/2″ Perfect Scissors this spring, and I love how they grip the fabric. Cutting has always been my least favorite part of sewing, and these scissors have greatly improved the experience.” These are both shown in the video.

Kimmy also recommends the Tatting Shuttle (A20828) and  The Complete Book of Tatting (A21072): “my own copy is quite “tattered” these days because I’ve used it so much!” A20828bA21072

Read Kimmy’s tips on repair in a previous blog post.

See more Staff Picks in my next post.

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and it could be a little purse…

I made a cell phone bag for my smartphone. To this point, I’d only had a dumbphone. old cell phoneI only used it a few times a year, when we went to Quilt Market and Baby Lock and Viking sewing machine conventions, so I could find my co-workers when we separated, and I dropped one in the toilet at one of those.  (Got a new one.)   It might have texted, but I never did that.

When I saw everything my daughter, Cathy, did with her phone, like take pictures without having to carry a camera, sharing photos, and easily keeping in touch with her kids, I decided to spring into this century and get one. I went to my  know-everything-tech-guy son, and told him I wanted a smartphone. He wondered why, since I only used the other one a few times a year. But, as usual, he did what his mother tells him (ha!!) and got one for me.  I thought this one would be different and, oh my gosh, is it!cropped

I’m sure, just like with the microwave, I’ll never know everything about it, but I’ll certainly use it for more than heating frozen dinners. However, let me tell you, don’t get started on Spider Solitaire! But that’s another story…

Anyway, being a sew-er, I wanted to make myself something to carry my wonderful new smartphone in.  I found the Cell Phone Bag by Quiltsmart, (39055)39055So I jumped right in to make myself one. I kept going, even though I couldn’t believe it would really make a bag, only to find out that the designer really knew what she was doing with all the twists and turns. It was amazing, and I loved it! Then I put my phone in. My phone was too tall! That’s when I started experimenting, and how this information sheet came about. The original fits cell phones about 5” tall. The next one I did fits phones 5 ½” long, and the one I ended up using fits cell phones 6” tall.togetherIf this sounds like a commercial, I guess it is!  If you don’t use a cell phone (smart or dumb,) it’s a great little purse to fit just essentials. It’s so fun and easy that I’m going to make more. I still can’t figure out how she came up with something that uses interfacing this way!. It’s ingenious. And it could be a little purse.

If you decide you want to make one and make it larger than the original, I’d be happy to have you click here to download my notes.

Happy sewing.



Pet Stockings and Cat-astrophic Cat Event

If you live in the St Joe County Indiana area, please come to our second annual Cat-astrophic Cat Event at the St Joe County Humane Society, 2506 Grape Road, in Mishawaka.  I’m just sure someone special is waiting there for you!2014-06-19 17.50.55On October 4, 12-5:30 pm, cat adoption fees will be waived to help find furever homes for sweethearts like our beautiful Cagney above.

All of the 500+ cats are spayed or neutered, tested for feline leukemia,  current on vaccinations, and microchipped.  Dick and I have adopted cats and kittens from the Humane Society several times over the years, and we know that they give us so much more than we can give them.  This is a great opportunity!  (You’ll need to bring (or purchase a cat carrier to take your new cat home in.  There is a County or City license fee, $5 or $10.)

While you’re in the cattery, you can look out the window and see the bench presented to us at our 40th Anniversary celebration.  We don’t feel we deserve this any more than anyone else, but are extremely honored to have it in the beautiful garden outside.a bench at our Humane SocietyBack to those Pet Stockings I mentioned last week.  I adapted and wrote instructions for these from a gift our daughter, Sarah, gave us many years ago.  Since our furry companions are such a big part of our lives, this is a way to include them in the holiday coming up. They would also be popular at bazaars.  If the cuff is left blank, a name can be added with a marker.   Just click on the photo below to print them out for yourself.  I hope you enjoy making and having them.

photo of patternPlease comment below to share with us the joy your pets bring you.   Erica

Coming Attractions…

Not much time this week, but I want to give you a taste of a few things I’m working on that you’ll see here in the future.

My biggest concentration these days has been our newsletter, with classes and special things here at Erica’s. You can see the help I’m getting with this.DSC00291 Since, for cat and dog lovers, these companions are a big part of our lives, I wrote instructions several years ago for Pet Stockings that I’d like to stocking bothI’m also working on a project for Creative Sewing Club. These Cell Phone Bags and printed interfacing have so many possibilities! (39055, 909842)2014-09-21 08.59.45Until next time, as Sue Hausmann says, “Happy Sewing!


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Kim’s Second Sewing Machine Convention

20140908_165150Convention #2!! This week we were off to the 2014 Husqvarna Viking Convention in Milwaukee, WI. I have also been looking forward to this trip ever since I became manager! I was definitely not disappointed!!

Monday evening was the opening ceremonies with lots of presentations from the top level of Husqvarna Viking, and a great dinner. There was so much excitement about all the great new products that Viking is launching this year! Don’t worry, we ordered a little bit of everything!! The keynote speaker was amazing! He was funny and enlightening at the same time.

Classes started Tuesday morning and there were so many to choose from! The educators were very knowledgeable and excited about the new machines, so we were too! The new Ruby Royale has many new features, and I can’t wait to get one in the store to explore all the fun stuff we can do with it! ( I loved the Topaz 40, too.)

The food was really good, and being surrounded by all the great people and products has definitely got me excited all over again! (Those who know me, know this isn’t really new.)  I’m looking forward to bringing some of this excitement back to the store.20140908_184308I took a couple of classes using the new Felting Foot and Yarn Embellishing Foot, so look for some fun new projects and new classes using these great feet!20140909_143853I also got to see the new Inspira Studio line of organizational stuff, and let me tell you, this is very nice furniture! If you’re looking to get your sewing room organized, this is for you! They worked with ClosetMaid and came up with some great solutions for organizing not only sewing stuff, but all kinds of crafting supplies.20140908_174658Well, now I’ve been to both Husqvarna Viking and Baby Lock conventions, and I have to say, I can’t wait until next year to go back! They were so much fun! The exchanging of ideas and talking with other dealers was great. I love learning new things, and I was not disappointed in anything. But, I must say, I’m looking forward to being in the store for a little while to use some of these new things!!

My next adventure is the Fall Bus Shop Hop where I get to be the “Bus Mom” for our store again.  This time we go to 8 stores in Indiana and Ilinois.  I love traveling with the fun ladies who go on these trips with us, and of course seeing all the stores, but I’m always glad to get back to the greatest store, Erica’s!!  There are still a few spots left on the bus, so if you want to join us, sign up!

Editor’s note:  Seems like Kim was excited about the food, too, seeing that she added food photos to both her convention blog posts!