Applique, anyone?

We’re excited about the response and the positive comments we’re getting to our blog. Pam’s still working on the slide show, but she’s got a great start. There are more department photos to add, and people photos, so you can get a better idea of what we’re like if you can’t stop in to see us. I’m incuding one here that Pam took of me at Creative Sewing Club. I was showing how to use the Double Mitre Ruler (39362 on our website) to frame quilt blocks. You can probably guess who the quilt block might be. I made it from the Quilter’s Yearbook (34297 on our website). You can pick out the hair style, face shape, nose, eyes, glasses, and the open mouth that I used for obvious reasons! (I got a haircut since I did the applique.)
Please sign up to follow our blog, put up a photo if you like, and comment when you feel like it. You can also sign up to get emails when we put up a new post! It’s a really neat service we found, and the email contains the actual post, and even the links work. That way you don’t have to try to remember to check and see if we added anything. Thanks again for joining us on this new blogging adventure!

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