35th Anniversary Bash!

I wanted to get a quick note up about our celebration, but we’ll be talking more about it, and puting up a slide show to share more of the two great days we had. There will be photos in our online newsletter in June as well. Our 35 Year Anniversary Party on April 17th and 18th was an amazing experience! We talked with people who had shared all 35 years with us, and people who had recently found us. We heard wonderful compliments about our staff which made us even prouder of them, if possible! Everyone had worked hard to make the party a great experience. WNDU TV came out and interviewed lots of us and featured us on their news several times.
Thank you!

I rang the bell and drew names for prizes throughout both days, and lots of winners said it was the first time they won anything! Three very lucky ladies won quilts! We had refreshments, and wonderful camaraderie. We handed out all of our 500 purple commemorative bags with logos that match the cake! One woman sent her husband in to get one because she had to be out of town and she just had to have one!

A heart-warming aspect of the celebration was hearing the stories from people about past experiences in our store, and from some, the important part we played in their lives, many times unknowingly until now.

Our thanks to all who shared this time with us,
and to those unable to be with us. Everyone helped to get us to this point so we can continue to share our love of creating, and all that comes with it.


Bill and Cathy, Dick and Erica, and the rest of our wonderful staff

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