Twisted Tab Shirt

I’m packing to go to Quilt Market and as I put my Twisted Tab Shirt in the suitcase, I was thinking it’d be a great thing to share with you on the blog. I made it in Creative Sewing Club because it’s a fun “twist” to a shirt, and easy to do. I made a Broomstick Skirt and Comfort Belt with the same fabric, so it’s a great outfit. I hope you enjoy it.

Cathy and Dick and I are traveling to Pittsburgh this week to try to figure out what to buy that you just won’t be able to live without! We go to Quilt Market twice a year, and it’s my favorite trip each time. I love to see all the new fabrics, patterns, books, and tools. The trick, as I said, is to buy only what you’re going to like too! Of course, if we were always right, we’d never have anything to put on sale, so that wouldn’t be good either! Everyone loves a sale! Speaking of sales, be sure you check our sale items on the website. Our Rummage Pages are a great way to find treasures, too!
Well, I have to get back to packing and other preparations for leaving, so I’ll check back with you during or after Quilt Market. Have a great week!

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