Are you ready for some fabulous new Christmas projects?

We received the oh-so-darling Nancy Halvorsen I Believe fabrics and Pattern books in stock, and my word, are they adorable!!! If you are looking for some quick and easy Christmas projects that will appeal to just about everyone, take a peek at these! The fabrics designed for this collection are playful and fun. Featuring current colors of magenta toned reds and teal, moss, and loden toned greens, the fabrics are perfect for all the projects in the book, as well as many of your other Christmas and Whimsical projects. I am totally smitten by the Mug Cozies, just take a peek at how adorable they are! Talk about quick and easy gifts. 🙂
If you are a Nancy Halvorsen fan, you will not be disappointed with all the new items, and if you aren’t a Nancy Halvorsen fan yet, you soon will be! Besides the 42 new fabrics, and an absolutely adorable panel, new products include several fabulous new hangers – including an over the door hanger for the eyecatching Christmas Tree Card Holder, an ornament hanger and a small quilt panel holder. In addition to the I Believe book, there are also new buttons, a charm pack, a pattern booklet with 2 Projects – a Believing Tree Quilt: 72″ x 72″and an I Believe Panel Quilt – 54″ x 35″. The fabric packs we are offering are available for preorder (and will be ready to ship very very soon), while the towels are scheduled to arrive some time in July. You can view or order these items in detail here and the fabric here. I have included a picture of the oh-so-darling panel to end this post, hope you enjoy it!

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