I love to learn new things!

I’m back from Viking Convention in Texas and there are so many new things for our Viking owners. Please stop in the store if you live near us, to see the new Texture Hoop, feet, and design collections!
I got to see Sue Hausmann and talk about her trip here in October. Be sure to sign up to come to her presentations October 20th and 21st. She has two new embroidery collections out, for beautiful quilts. You’ll see those and much more. You can sign up here.
We spent some time with Simon Haskins, and you can see Simon and Jenny’s Sharman’s Vintage Garden Quilt behind us in the photo. We saw him a few weeks ago In Pittsburgh at Quilt Market, and we’ll see him again in two weeks in San Francisco at Bernina University where he’s teaching lots of classes. And the poor guy was back home in Australia between his three visits to the US, and he’s not finished yet! Talk about a frequent flyer! He must be putting his time on those trips into creating new designs (just look at these trims!) and projects for Creative Expressions Magazines, because he and his Mum have lots of new things!
This year at Convention I was actually able to take some sewing classes. I haven’t done that in years, and I just loved it. The first one was a project with Linda Visnaw, using her new pattern, Sew Hot Sew Cool Insulated Bags. What a fabulous pattern! It includes project instructions for three styles, along with 9 line art designs for inking, 10 embroidery files in most popular formats, and instructions for paper piecing a block to put on the front if desired. She designed them to use a layer of Insul-BrightTM (thus “Sew Hot, Sew Cool’) but you could also use fleece. The bags are a canvas for anything you’d like to highlight, and they’re so quick to make. I love how the lining becomes the accent in the one we did in class. You can see it best in the photo of the one I made in denim Sandcastle fabric.

Another project used the Viking Yarn Couching Set, and we did a DigiBobbe design with Spangle Yarn. The one I chose was from Collection 4, Bubbles and Pearls, but any of the collections are beautiful. (I have them all!) The tassel is made with Jenny’s Magic Tassel Maker (about 1/4 of the way down the page) and the button that attaches it is a design from Hope Yoder’s Button-Ups Embroidery Collection (about 1/4 down the page), which is so much fun!

I really enjoyed being able to learn new things and use new tools and products. Click on the “What’s New” on the left of almost any of the pages on our site to see new things as they’re added daily!

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