Ready for a contest??? This time, everybody can play!!!

Hello! Remember when we first started the blog we promised we would have a contest that everybody could participate in? Well, it’s contest time!

Here are the details– go to our website here and take a peek around. Come back here to the blog with both the item number and description of one of your favorite things we have listed on the website. At the bottom of this thread (article), post a comment with the item number, name, and why it is your favorite item. Simply click where it says Comments and type away.

We will draw two lucky winners at the end of the contest and both will receive a $15.00 Erica’s Gift Card to spend in the store or online. Isn’t that great??? Easy peasy too!!!

We have posted a few pictures in the above slideshow with a few ideas on how you might want to spend your $15.00 Gift Card. By the way, each picture we have posted in the slideshow has a value of $15.00. You can also use the gift card toward a larger purchase if you wish, or select something else valued at $15.00 (we have so many different things to pick from, much more than we have shown here)! It is up to you, you spend the gift card in our store or on our website as you choose to.

This contest will run from June 16 – July 15 2009. Entries must be posted in this thread, and before midnight EDT July 15. A winner will be selected by random draw on or about July 16, 2009.

It’s easy to add your comment! Just click “comments” below. You don’t have to be signed up to follow us or to receive our updates, but we hope you’ll do that too! (You do need a Google or Yahoo account to post a comment, but that’s easy and painless, too!) Don’t forget, we have easy peasy directions on creating an account on Google so you can follow our blog. Check them out here .

Can’t wait to hear what your favorites are and what you would do with them!

35 thoughts on “Ready for a contest??? This time, everybody can play!!!

  1. Okay, this is the item that I cannot do without, whether quilting, embroidering or just plain sewing: Havel's Snip-Eze SnipsItem 51170 $18.00 I have purchased 'cheaper' versions but they dull quickly and generally do not last as long. This definitely has my vote.

  2. I've always wanted to try The Gypsy Gripper 30158 $19.95. I first saw it being used at Erica's, and have since seen it at numerous other stores across the country. I have problems with my right (cutting arm)wrist, and have trouble keeping the ruler from slipping when using my rotary cutter. This makes it look so much easier!

  3. Man's Best Friend Mugs & Rugs by Whole Country Caboodle- which I would make into a wall hanging! I love dogs (sorry, Erica!) and I would add to my wall hangings/pics of dogs! Thanks and take care, Maggi

  4. I would definitely love to have the My First Machine Sewing Book & Kit (40221). My daughter is 7 and has such a fascination with watching me sew and wanting to help. I would love to have her get started with sewing on the machine and this book would be the perfect transition for her into the wonderful world of sewing. Then we could sew side-by-side and how cute is that?!

  5. My favorite item is the Creative Expressions magazine by Jenny Haskins # 36251. It is great eye candy and has plenty of instructions for designs and techniques that can be used for the projects in the magazine and other projects that I want to do. If I was on a deserted island ( with my machine and accessories) of course, this would be the magazine I would want to have sent in a bottle to me. If I could only get one magazine this would be it! I have all of the issues since the first one.Linda

  6. Something I always come to Erica's for are the Australian magazines–Homespun is my favorite and it's hard to get elsewhere. Do I really need a product code? I could pick any of the magazines, but the latest Homespun listed is 42884, so there it is!

  7. What I love the most is the I Believe in Santa Fat 1/4 Collection (complete wwith blues/teals.One fat 1/4 of 42 prints. Approx. size of each piece 18" x 21".58387 $112.99

  8. Thank you for having a fun competition. I have three things the lovely book Garden of Applique 30370 $11.95. The Scrap Bags 43622 $6.74 and I really need the Quilters Needle Threaders 13948 $3.19. Happy days.

  9. What a great website. It was recommended to me because I was searching for the Australina Patchwork & Quilting mag. However, one of my favorite items is The Morris Workshop 1872-1887 Layer Cake 42 10" squares by Barbara Brackman for Moda 44148 @ $35.00. Almost all my quilts are scrap quilts and you can do so much with a bundle like that.

  10. Hello, I found you via the Rabbits Haven site. (people who sell their patterns link) Wow, what a find. After a couple of hours looking over everything my wish list is a long one. The item I would most love would be Rabbits Haven-Hollyhock Memories item #31432.

  11. I love your site have used several of the free patterns with great success!! I'd use my $15 to buy fabric(never get enough as a quilter!) the indian summer charm pack is my favorite at the moment!

  12. I have enjoyed (More than I should have!) looking around your site. I could pick many favorites, but have decided on the Small Sunflowers batik panel #13922. It is so pretty and is a great start to a quilt. I could use fabrics from my stash …. or buy more fabric (Why not?)to add to this as a center panel for a quick wall hanging.

  13. It was really hard to choose a favorite with such a variety of items!I bought a kumihimo disc from my LQS and am having trouble understanding the directions. So I choose the kumihimo instruction books as my favorite items on your website – 28819, 86932 and 36227.

  14. Posting for Ilene Pedlar – "Item # 37973 Project Runway starter kit, brunette. I think its really important to get young people involved in sewing and this kit allows for all kinds of creativity and would be just the thing to promote sewing/fashion/artistic abilities. I choose brunette because my grandaughter is a brunette."

  15. I don't know how you pick just one thing but I guess I would choose fabric. Since I'm thinking Christmas I guess some I Believe in Santa would be wonderful but I will have to think on it awhile. Maybe Santa will come afterall.

  16. Gosh. I have been trying to decide between gadgets for Fly Tying or something for quilting. Right. Sure. Can you believe quilting won out?!? 🙂 I love quilting and I love gadgets as much as I do fabric. So, right now, I would pick the AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutter, item # 43446. Then again, might as well wish for the Go! Mix & Match Starter Set, item #43447. Might as well dream big, right?

  17. Just one? I'd probably go with some of the embroidery mounting boards (like 59000) and a bundle of DMC floss. I just became addicted to embroidery, and I'm making a ton of fun wall art.

  18. My first time to your site, there's a lot to look at; it all looks great! My item is 34166, Marti Michell's Small Kaleido Ruler. I can't wait to use this!

  19. Holiday Redwork Pattern #31430 which can be done by hand or machine, I really enjoy hand embroidery along with machine, but this pattern is a real treat. I come back to your site and look at it again and see how long until I finally order it. Hee! And the Australian Magazines they are wonderful also, any of them especially Homespun #44315.

  20. My favorite thing is that Tag -along–Tote pattern # 40794 @ $8.50.. with that beautiful applique down the center made from jelly rolls, love it more every time I look at it. I also love the sweet patterns by Sherrki K falls and her Flower Patch tote # 23283@ $ 4.50 is a winner,especialy love that flower applique on the front with that patchwork.Love this blog,just found it!

  21. Item 31677 $19.00 Stand Up and Go CenterpieceI would choose this delightful wool applique kit because I love the fact that Erica's has kits! The kits make it so easy to go home and create rather than spending so much time running around for supplies. It is also wonderful that you have so many models in the store to inspire us!Many Thanks!

  22. My favorite thing is the Let Them Eat Cake quilt pattern–item number 40827. My 11 yr old daughter wants to be a cake decorator when she grows up and this pattern looks just like her. I've never appliqued before, but I am willing to learn for this pattern to make it for her. This would be something she would save to put in her bakery, since she's already said she wants to showcase quilts as decorations.

  23. The contest is over, and we have our winners! The first winner is Kim who likes item 42884, and the second winner is Ilene Pedlar who likes item 37973. Congrats ladies!!! Please send us an email with your contact information so we can get your $15.00 giftcards out to you. Thanks for playing everybody! Keep reading, we will do another contest some time again in the future.

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