A Project that requires just a smidge of fabric

Are you too busy to create anything right now? Or perhaps you are on a budget and can’t purchase a lot of fabric right now? Check out this free pattern to create a tiny little purse with a secret. The pattern is located on the Sewing and Craft Alliance website. You don’t need much fabric to create the darling little itsy bitsy purse that is perfect for teens, or anyone that just needs a place to put a few things, a key, credit cards, etc…

We have beautiful fabrics that you could use for this project. I am thinking of using one of the many lovely Bali fabrics we carry to create one of these mini purses. One of the suggested items for this pattern is a bias tape maker. We have a large variety of bias tape makers, but since the new Bias Tape Makers from Singer arrived in stock, I have been thinking of things I could do with bias tape. This little purse pattern would be a great project to test the Bias Tape Maker with. I am sure I can think of other projects too……………..

Don’t forget to check out our contest (details listed below). You only have a few more weeks to enter to win one of the $15.00 giftcards, so take a peek and participate soon!

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