Here are Some Quilting Techniques I Use

I’m finishing up our store model, Nature’s Palette Quilt by Michele Scott. I’d like to share some of the techniques I used in doing this quilt.

It has two dozen appliqué leaves! I love appliqué, but I don’t like all the tracing and cutting! I can’t give you a trick for eliminating the cutting, but if you have a printer and scanner or copier, you can eliminate the tracing by using Quilter’s Freezer Paper 36079. I wrote up the steps in this free Technique Sheet.

I used a straight stitch to free-motion appliqué most of the leaves. My two favorite tools for this are Machingers Gloves (half way down)and the Quilt Halo (part way down). (I did satin stitch a few scattered around, but realized time was too short and I have too many more projects I want to do!)

For a quilting pattern I used the same one as for the appliqué. If you have a long arm, you can use your laser to trace the leaf where you want it. If you don’t, you can use another method. Fold Quilting Paper (12″ or Quilt and Tear on a roll, about 3/4 down the page) to make many layers. Trace the leaf on the top sheet. Put in a size 100 needle, leave it unthreaded, and trace the outline of the leaf, perforating all the layers at once. Trim around the pile so you won’t be quilting through much excess paper. Peel off one at a time as you need it.

Pin or tape the paper in place and free-motion the design. Pull away the paper.

I hope you find these hints helpful in a future project!

There’s still time to enter our contest! The deadline is July 15th. See details in a previous post.

5 thoughts on “Here are Some Quilting Techniques I Use

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