Broomstick Skirt

One of my earlier posts had a Tab Front Shirt that was an easy addition to a shirt, ready made or one you make yourself.

The skirt I made to go with it is the Broomstick Skirt. I made my first one about 20 years ago from verbal instructions I got from my friend, Judy Murphy, of Atlanta, Georgia. I think we were on a bus in the mountains of Madeira!

I enjoy making and wearing them to this day.

Of course there was this one exception… Since I memorialized that day on our website years ago, I have gotten more comments on it than from anything I’ve ever done. Sew-ers from all over the world can commiserate with an experience like the Broomstick Skirt from Hell. When I look back at that story, even I find it hard to believe, but I swear to you that every word is true! Thank goodness I’ve made many more without problems since then! (You just have to get back on the broomstick! LOL!)
We now use panty hose instead of broomsticks, and still have the beautifully wrinkled look. Here are the instructions I updated for our Creative Sewing Club. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
P.S. when you take several of these when going to a seminar and rooming with an unsuspecting friend, you might get some strange looks when you open your suitcase! (Huh, Mary?)

One thought on “Broomstick Skirt

  1. It is a sight to see a suitcase open and legs pop out all over the place…I still have nightmares ! It is hard to believe something that starts out so ugly could so attractive to wear…but it is !

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