Cute and Quick Projects

It’s time to think about gifts, and making them. The gift giving season will be here before you know it, and as we all know, making beautiful homemade gifts can be time consuming. If you are pinched for time or are trying to make something on a budget, I have a suggestion for you. Have you ever made or given decorative towels? We have some DARLING patterns and embellishments, not to mention a huge selection of fantastic prints and colors of towels in both light and dark colors. We also carry some fabulous cross stitch and embroidery towels, patterns, charts, and iron ons.

I recently used this design (item 37523, down about 2/3 of the webpage) for a gift towel for my daughter, and it turned out cute as the dickens –

If you are a Nancy Halvorsen fan (like me!), we do carry a huge variety of her books, which all feature fun and fast towel designs. Her latest book, item 43212 I Believe,

even has some darling aprons, one of which is made using a towel!

Not only are these projects quick, cute, and fairly inexpensive, they are always appreciated as gifts. You might want to make two of each one you do though, so you can keep one for yourself! Don’t forget to plan ahead, because some of these items sell out quickly, especially the closer it gets to the holiday season. You don’t want to miss out on these cute and useful projects.
Happy creating!

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