I’ve liked Paintstiks from the first day I saw them, way too many years ago to remember when it was! You don’t have to be an artist to use them! They give a look to fabric that you can’t get any other way.

I made a sample using Karen Montgomery’s fun 3 Pocket Tote pattern (about 3/4 down on the page).

Here are some notes on Paintstiks, with photo steps from that little tote.

To add any shape of Paintstik design to a project, cut out the shape from freezer paper.

This is what I did for my tote sample:
(1) I pressed the freezer paper to the front corner of the flap.

(2) I taped off the top part, marked the center, and put ¼” tape from the center to the points as shown in 3.

Before using the Paintstik, I went around the inside of each shape with a Sewline chalk mechanical pencil. You can see the lines drawn in (4).

I put “404” on one of the Floral Fantasy Rubbing Plates and used the side of the Paintstik to transfer the design into the spaces.

Then comes the hard part– letting it dry 4 days!!

I fused the lining fabric to Heat and Sta Light Fusible Fleece (39147), then fused Lite Steam-A-Seam® 2 (86949) to the other side of the fleece, then the outside fabric to that.

Then I stitched on the lines I drew (5) and added serpentine stitching to do the rest of the quilting on the tote. There is so much you can do with Paintstiks!!!

We just got in a new project that is on my list to make a sample of. The Holiday Quilt Kit (half way down the page) includes the Paintstik Patches pattern, 6 Mini Iridescent Paintstiks (my favorite kind!) and the Holiday Rubbing Plates. This is a quilt that you paint the blocks rather than piece them. I saw it at Bernina University and it is stunning! It’ll be great with the popular Jet Black fabric we have (92732) or the new black Sateen we have coming in soon.

Tip: We have a search box in the upper left of all our web pages. To find items mentioned in the blog, first click the link, then do “Ctrl F” and enter the name of the item or the item number. That will take you right to it anywhere on the page!

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