Using Quilter’s Vinyl

I LOVE this stuff! It’s great to help you decide how you want to quilt an area. Lay the Quilter’s Vinyl (down slightly on the page) over the space. Trace the shape with a wet erase marker. (I use Vis-A-Vis” fine point waterbase pens for overhead projectors from an office supply store.)

If you want to leave a ¼” border around the quilting, mark your area that size. If there are guide lines you need, draw those too. (In the first photo, you can see the shape I traced on my paper pieced Feathered Star wallhanging. I drew a spine and one feather.) Turn the sheet over and draw your quilting lines. In the second photo, I practiced drawing feathers. You can see the spine and first feather that were on the other side.

The third photo has another idea I was trying out. The neat thing is that you can erase it with a damp paper towel, and keep practicing over and over! (Do this away from your quilt.) The more you practice this way, the better you’ll be when you get to the actual quilting. It’s called “muscle memory” and it really works!
You can draw the same guidelines on your quilt. If you use a water soluble ink marker, the Eraser Paintbrush (almost half way down) is great to remove lines.

If you draw one you like, but don’t want to do it completely free-hand on your quilt, you can trace the design on Quilt & Tear on a Roll (about 2/3 down). See my July 6th post for more detail on this method.

I ended up doing the feathers a little differently. Here are some closeups and the finished wallhanging. I used the Twirly Whirly Feathers DVDs and book (down a bit on the page) to get these ideas, and tried them in place with the Quilter’s Vinyl before deciding. The book and DVDs are great if you really want to do fancy feathers.
(I had help marking the borders, as you can see!)

We have the Feathered Star Wallhanging pattern and a fabric pack for the colors I used. I added Piping Hot Binding to finish it up, with the touch of green piping to set off the dark purple binding.

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