The Right Tool Makes All the Difference!

Here’s how you can make an elastic fabric loop in one step with the wonderful Fasturn Tube Turner (45144) down just a bit on the page.

Cut a bias strip the length needed plus at least three inches. It should be twice the width of the elastic plus ½”. I used the measurements given in Textured Totes and Accessories (44615), to accommodate a large button. (Coconut button, 33740.) Fold it right sides together lengthwise and stitch a scant ¼” and close one short end.

Mark the piece of elastic the length you want, (which will be length you need the loop to be or a little shorter), but don’t cut the elastic off.

Attach it to the fabric strip as shown.

Insert the largest Fasturn that will fit in the tube. Put in the wire and twist the squiggle through the seam allowance.

Pull the end of the fabric tube and the elastic into the Fasturn and out the other end.

Slide the fabric back to see the marking you made for the length you want the elastic, then move it back just to meet that mark pin it to check length again, then stitch it in place.

Now cut the elastic!

The textured loop was the perfect technique for the loop on the textured tote!

The Fasturn Tube Turners can be used to turn spaghetti straps and even press open the seam allowance as you turn it! You can also fill a fabric tube with batting the same way as the elastic. I’ve had them for probably 30 years, or whenever it was that Emma Graham and her husband brought them to the sewing industry, and I can’t begin to count the number of projects I’ve used them with!

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