Playing with Yo Yos

Have you ever made fabric yo yos? This fun pastime goes much quicker with the use of the fabulous Clover Yo Yo Makers

There are even heart and flower shapes!

We just received some fun new yo you makers in stock too!
One makes butterfly shapes (available in small and large, small is pictured)-

This one makes Shamrock yo yos (available in small and large, large is pictured)-

You can easily make Yo Yo doilies, just stitch up a boatload of Yo Yos and then lay them out on your work surface with sides touching. Move and arrange them until you have an arrangement that you like, and stitch them together. You can take digital pictures of your doily once you have an arrangement you like, then print out a copy of your picture to help you remember how to stitch them together. You can also take digital pictures of the different arrangements, then view your pics on your monitor to see which arrangement you like best. It is amazing, but sometimes seeing the picture helps you decide which design you like best. This is the technique I like to do before I stitch things I make up together. Plus, it is also helpful for future projects, because you don’t have to remember your arrangements this way. 🙂

We have some super fun patterns that you can use these darling little yo yos on too. There is a little bear (isn’t he adorable?!?) –

Here is a sweet little elephant –

Several great books filled with fun projects –

A fun pincushion pattern –

and even more patterns. You can find them here.

I love making yo yos, it is a perfect way to use up fabric scraps. I use them in my scrapbooking projects too. Here is a one of my layouts where I stitched ribbon flowers, a fabric yo yo,and fabric scraps –

You can make lovely cards with yo yos too!

Charm packs are another great way to get a super variety of fabric, and they are the perfect size for making Yo Yos. We have a wonderful selection of Charm Packs.

Over the years I have made lots of ornaments too. Here is a little angel I made a long time ago when my kids were small –

She is super easy to make. I don’t have a pattern, but here are some quick directions. After you stitch a little body (just stitch together a small rectangle, you can even add a bit of lace to the bottom, and take a small tuck on the top of the rectangle to make it more of a dress shape), stitch up two bitsy yo yos for the sleeves, then one a little larger for the halo, add a button for the head, embellish with beads and fabric paint for the face, and floss for the hair, and then add a piece of knotted ribbon for the arms. Snip some lace for the wings, (I used some Battenburg lace) and a piece of fishing line for hanging and you are set. You can even put a little pinback on your angel, and wear her on a sweater! Easy peasy, and fun to make.

By the way, if you like the beautiful blue Batik fabric shown behind the yo yo angel, you can view or order it here. It is item 983251.

Have fun playing with fabric scraps and yo yos! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Playing with Yo Yos

  1. Thanks so much for your post.However, I'm finding that my yos are not coming out perfectly circular or matching even though I've purchased the clover yo-yo makers, I am frustrated to say that I'm still having getting all yo-yos to be smooth and even.I'm using a brocade fabric so maybe it has something to do with the slipperiness of it or I'm not shaping them correctly.If you could give me any tips on why this could be happening I'd really appreciate it.Thanks so much in advance for your time,Laya from down under..Australia

  2. Hi,Laya,I'm guessing the problem is with the fabric you are using. Ihave used the yo-yo maker with plain cotton fabric and have been impressed with how easily and smoothly it actually works. I think the texture and slippery quality of the brocade is preventing the yo-yo's from forming properly – the cotton fabric is a bit "stiffer" and holds a fold better, so may shape more easily. The brocade is probably too soft the maintain the proper shape. Please try it with cotton and see what you think.

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