Perfect Binding

I have tried all kinds of binding techniques, but the Perfect Binding DVD (33483) by Sharon Schamber changed my quilting life. I even use it with my Piping Hot Bindings. Of course the method works for binding anything, so if you aren’t a quilter, it’s still fantastic. When you see how she joins binding strips, your jaw will drop! It’s worth the price of the DVD just for that, but there’s so much more in it.

She uses Elmer’s Washable School Glue, which put me off at first, but you can also use Glue-Baste-It. There used to be special tips available, but the manufacturer discontinued them, so I searched the store to find a substitute and found it in our Quilling Department. The little bottle you see being used here can be filled with your favorite glue and get tiny drops. (16297) Using the glue lets you have everything set, no pins, when you go to the sewing machine.
One of the keys to Sharon’s method is using the iron to set the glue, so it sticks immediately. Yet you can undo it if you need to. I used the glue method to do the binding on this fun paper pieced project, the Yucatan Sunshine Folding Gift Box. ( 50430) I loved it the minute I saw the pattern. It’s easy to follow, and there are papers for three boxes. I used two layers of Shapeflex (93726) and Steam-a-Seam for my sample. The box unfolds to be a centerpiece, so it does double duty!

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Quick Tips

Just a few tips this week!

I mentioned this before, but was using it again this week and thought I’d mention it again. The black you see behind the flying geese units I’m making is the Quilter’s 3-Way Sand Board. It makes it easier to draw lines on fabric because it keeps the fabric from moving. 43336 I like the Mechanical Fabric Pencils for nice fine lines, and they come in several colors, so you can always find one that will show on your fabric. (By the way, I would have the Quick Quarter [84657] straight in this photo if I weren’t both the hand model and the photographer!)

Here’s a photo of the almost-finished block from one of our new patterns, 48130, the four block Carolina Lily. I used the Wing Clipper (48109) to trim the flying geese blocks and was delighted with the results! I’m going to add leaves to the block, and I’m thinking about doing them with Texture Magic. More on that later…

I use my Ergonomic Seam Ripper (37607) when I’m cutting apart pieces that I have chain stitched. That way I don’t need to pick up a scissors each time, and it’s much faster. I really like this seam ripper, too. It’s easy to find, and easy to hold.

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More next week. As Sue Hausmann says, “Happy Sewing!!”

Sue and Herb Hausmann "Wowed" the Crowd!

We’ve known Sue and Herb for around 25 years and it was great having them back. About that many years ago, they took us to their home near Chicago after a meeting, to help me learn more about the strange animal called a “serger.” I’ve been inspired by her ever since, as have thousands of sew-ers all over the world.

Over 75 ladies were totally entertained and delighted with the programs Sue prepared. Herb was in charge of the camera (and added bits of wisdom and other comments) and oversaw operations.

Sue gave Viking owners all kinds of hints of new techniques with their machines, and had dozens (maybe hundreds!) of samples!

There were lots of prize winners and on Wednesday a delicious lunch with Cathy’s famous Cheesy Potato Soup.

When it was over, it seemed we were all tired except Sue, who must have some hidden reservoir of energy somewhere, and she promised to visit again. So if you missed her this time, there’s still hope.

Thanks so much, Sue. We love you!