Quick Tips

Just a few tips this week!

I mentioned this before, but was using it again this week and thought I’d mention it again. The black you see behind the flying geese units I’m making is the Quilter’s 3-Way Sand Board. It makes it easier to draw lines on fabric because it keeps the fabric from moving. 43336 I like the Mechanical Fabric Pencils for nice fine lines, and they come in several colors, so you can always find one that will show on your fabric. (By the way, I would have the Quick Quarter [84657] straight in this photo if I weren’t both the hand model and the photographer!)

Here’s a photo of the almost-finished block from one of our new patterns, 48130, the four block Carolina Lily. I used the Wing Clipper (48109) to trim the flying geese blocks and was delighted with the results! I’m going to add leaves to the block, and I’m thinking about doing them with Texture Magic. More on that later…

I use my Ergonomic Seam Ripper (37607) when I’m cutting apart pieces that I have chain stitched. That way I don’t need to pick up a scissors each time, and it’s much faster. I really like this seam ripper, too. It’s easy to find, and easy to hold.

[Please remember the tip for clicking our link, pressing down “ctrl” and the “F” key to get the search box, and then typing the item number or name in the box, to quickly find it on the page!]

More next week. As Sue Hausmann says, “Happy Sewing!!”

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