Textured Applique

I’ve enjoyed using larger pieces of fabric that I’ve textured in purses and accessories, and decided that the leaves on my new quilt could benefit from this treatment. I was right!!
Here’s my Carolina Lily 4 Block Quilt 48130.
(It uses the Wing Clipper Tool 48109 to simplify the flying geese units.)

(Tip: to find the item on our web page after clicking on the link, hold down the “Ctrl” key and touch F. Enter the 5 digit number in the box, and you’ll be taken to that item!)

I made a leaf pattern to use with the Texture Magic. If you buy the Carolina Lily pattern, be sure to put a note in the special instructions that you’d like me to email it to you, so you don’t have to do it yourself. I have the stitching lines on it, too. You can trace it on your Texture Magic. By the way, we had requests for bigger pieces than the half yard, so we have that available now!

If you’d like to see more detailed information, you can download the a sheet I wrote for my Creative Sewing Club here.

This is my constant helper. Every step of the way: over, under, around, between! If you have a Crafter Kitty, we’d like to feature your kitty in our newsletter. Take a look at the kitties we have this issue.

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