Decorative Chaining

This is a fun, easy way to make a chain effect. It works better with cords or yarn than with thinner thread.

Use stitches 3mm long and program 5 of them if you can, with a “stop” after the last one. Use an open toe foot. (The Viking Diamond use stitch length of 9.5 and program 3 with a “stop”.) You can adjust these to your liking, depending on the thickness of your cord or thread, but this is a starting point. Use a cord about twice as long as you need for the distance you want to cover.Fold it in half and secure it with a few stitches in the middle (A). Set your needle to stop down.

Do your programmed stitches, or count 5 stitches and stop (B). (You can vary this number also, depending on the cord.) Raise your presser foot if you don’t have a Sensor System that raises it automatically. Cross the cord over in front of the needle (C). Take your next group of stitches and cross over again. Continue for as long as you need. Try to be consistent in how tightly you pull your cords to each side, so that your chains will be even. (D). I most recently used this cord on the handles of a denim purse I made, but I’ve used it for lots of projects over the years. It’s easy to add a fun touch with this technique. Enjoy!

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