My Margo Handbag
I’m really enjoying carrying my Margo Handbag! (59135) I haven’t made a purse in a long time, but I needed a new one, and thought this would take less time than shopping for one.

I loved making it, and especially like the way Lazy Girl has you square off the corners, and how you put in the recessed zipper, and the lining… well I guess it’s just a great project!
Here is mine finished, as in the directions.

Here’s the zipper pull I added. (37410)

Then I got to thinking that I might want to add a tab and a magnetic closure for times I don’t want to zip the handbag closed. And the fabric I chose looked kind of bare compared to the photo on the pattern. So here it is with the tab added.

I drew lines here in black so you can more clearly see how I attached the button (26810). (The magnetic snap is on the other side of the tab.)

This one is a little smaller than the purse I replaced, but between the pockets in the purse and the Pockets To Go (59148) that I added, I was able to organize everything and it’s wonderful. So much easier to find things than before. (To make the Pockets to Go for the Margo, you need to make it 2” smaller in the length.)

I loved making this purse, and next I’m going to make another one using Paintstiks like Shelly Stokes did, but of course mine will be purple. The technique is described in the new book, Design Magic. (59305)

(To find the item on our web page after clicking on the link, hold down the “Ctrl” key and touch F. Enter the item number in the box, and you’ll be taken to that item!)

2 thoughts on “My Margo Handbag

  1. LOVE your bag! I have been thinking about getting the Margo pattern, so was searching online for other photos of it and found yours. Very nice! The purples and lime are perfect together, too.

  2. This bag has served me so well when I travel, too! I love how organized I can be, with everything I need, and i get compliments everywhere I go. Thanks for commenting. I hope you make one. It's fun to make.

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