Report on my Staycation…

But first,

I hardly ever just watch television. I’m either at the computer, at the sewing machine, or at my Handi Quilter, when the TV’s on. Usually I’m only half listening, too.

So there I was, during my staycation (see previous post and the rest of this one), busily piecing my Shake, Rattle, and Roll (I’m doing Rattle), when I hear a voice say “I hear you’re struggling with the quilt!”
Huhhhh??? There was no one here but me and the cats, and this wasn’t one of the cats. (I recognize their voices!)

So she continues, saying that she’s Sandy, and she’s here to help me, with her one-step program to break the quilt habit! Well, I don’t know about you, but to me those are fighting words!!
Then she says “Quilt is towel-speak for air!” What the…?

Imagine my relief when I look up and see a gal with “quilted” paper towels! Those people never understood what “quilted” means anyway! (Remember when the commercials for “quilted” paper towels had a group of ladies around the table quilting… with knitting needles?!)

She ends up with “Try Viva, and Quit the Quilt!” Nope, definitely not my idea of a good commercial. Be still my heart!

So now my staycation is over! Aside from having to round up three cats from under beds and bribe them with food to get them into an inner bathroom with no windows during a tornado warning, we had a great time! I got so much done! I finished up my Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher Sampler (thanks to Debby Brown).
I got the applique leaves and acorns on all the side borders of my Autumn Trails quilt (53058) and got those sewn to the quilt. I used Quilter’s Preview Paper (25770) after I finished the first one, to trace the layout, and then used it a guide for the other three sides. That made it really quick!

Since I didn’t have batting and backing home yet for the Autumn Trails quilt, I put our Halloween Row Quilt (36181) on my HQ frame and ditch-stitched the blocks so I can get right to the creative part when I go back to it.
Then I did Design Magic (59305) with my favorite Paintstik colors and the new Fractured-X stencil. (59315) It was so quick and easy, that I think I’ll do another one, this time with a bit darker fabric, for my Margo Handbag (59135).

Then I lit into my Triple ExpressO Shake, Rattle and Roll, (59284) making lots of notes to share tips. Probably my favorite tip is to make the flying geese units larger, and trim them with the Wing Clipper (48109) to have them exactly the right size! This is my first version, and I have the pieces cut to start my second one.

I was amazed that I got so much done ,and eagerly anticipate the next time my husband takes a bunch of ladies out of town without me!! (You have to read my previous post if this makes no sense to you.) Oh, and the Quilt Shows were great, too!

(To find the item on our web page after clicking on the link, hold down the “Ctrl” key and touch F. Enter the item number in the box, and you’ll be taken to that item!)

Do you know that you can see what’s new at Erica’s almost every day?? Cheryl does a great job of updating that page every time she adds something. Sometimes it’s brand new fabric, books, tools, accessories or yarn, and sometimes it’s what just went up on our Rummage Page or Bargain Ends of Bolts. Sometimes it’s something that we expect in soon that you can preorder. Any page of our website has a column on the left that tells you where to find things, and all you have to do is look for “What’s New” in purple, and click to find out! Many people have told us they bookmark that page, so they’re always up to date!

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