We had our Annual Sidewalk Sale and Humane Society Benefit last week. (Check the website for lots of sale items still available.) There were several ladies interested in the kitties the Humane Society brought for us on Saturday. One even went home to get her dog, to audition the cat she wanted, and the cat petted the dog gently! They acted as if they’d known each other all their lives. Of course Marcia wanted to take the cat right then, but there is the adoption process that has to be gone through. She should have him soon, though.

Anyway, we were talking about how cats will sit on the only 2” piece of fabric that you might have on the cutting table. If you have your instructions out, so much the better. I heard my daughter Cathy telling someone one day that it’s hard for her to sew at my house, because if a cat sits on her project, I make her work on something else! That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but when Kassi decided that the ironing board was a good place to be, with the pretty fabric, I came to write this, letting her enjoy the fabric.

I liked the Lazy Girl Margo bag pattern so well, that I decided to try another of hers. (I am going to make another Margo Handbag, but I’m doing another Paintstik panel for it, and that has to dry for 4 days, so it takes a while. Even longer if you haven’t started yet!) Anyway, this one is the Miranda Day Bag. (31061) It’s a little quicker than the Margo, no zipper, so I’m sure I can whip it up quickly as soon as Kassi gets her fabric fix for the moment. I added feet to my Margo bag, and I liked that, so I’ll add them to this one too.

These are my fabrics for it.

I shared how I press fabric in an earlier post. It cuts pressing time in half or more! (Click here to see it.)
And I love the new scent of Best Press we just got in. I mix my Lavender Best Press with Scent Free because it’s so strong, but Tea Rose Garden 60957 is just right for me! I especially like that when I press seams later, the delightful scent greets me again. We do have Scent Free 33479 by the gallon if you like just a hint of scent, so you can mix it. That photo shows fabric that was for a Hunter’s Star vest that I’m going to make. The fabric is pieced, but the vest fairy hasn’t visited during the night, so the vest’s not done.

The Halloween Row Quilt (36181) is quilted but I haven’t been able to get a full picture of it yet. I’ll show you that soon. I’m about finished with my second version of Shake, Rattle and Roll (you see the first version in the photo with my ironing board below,) (59284), so I’ll show you that soon too. I can’t imagine not having several things to work on!

Kassi got hungry and left the ironing board, so I got the fabric pressed. By the way, I used to keep making ironing board covers. It took up sewing time to do that, and once when I brought home some ironing board fabric (979377) I had it folded lengthwise on the board until I’d get around to making the cover. And there it stayed! I found that if it gets soiled, or cut, I can just turn it over, and when both sides are bad, I throw it out and get a new piece. I use a piece the length of the ironing board from one end to the other, folded in half. I like the finish on this fabric and it stays clean longer than cotton.

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