I finished my Miranda Day Bag!

As promised, I made my Miranda Day Bag (40127) after Kassi got off the fabric. (See my previous meanderings for details.) It’s bigger than my Margo Handbag (59135), but my Pockets To Go (59148) work fine with it. (Click here for bags. Click here for Pockets To Go.)

I had a chance to try the new Spiral Eye Needles we got in. You know how you get the warning of a low bobbin on your computerized machine, if you have one, and you think, “Oh, I can make it to the end! I just have to go a little faster!” Well, it didn’t work this time. It was on the center of the handle, where I was using a serpentine stitch, and I didn’t want it to show, so I picked out a few stitches to have enough to run in. I love self threading needles for this (I use them in my quilting, too) but the ones I’d been using frequently snagged my thread. These are wonderful! They’re also expensive, but worth every penny. You just want to be sure to keep the safe. (Not too safe, like when you put it somewhere for safe keeping and forget where that was.) You’re going to want to use these a lot! You might make a nice needle holder or chatelaine. For now I just keep them in the package they come in. Click here for needles. I use the size 6 for running tails in. (A10076)

Here’s another use for two of my favorite rulers! (45153) (Rulers are here.) I needed to do a stitch down the center of the handles. I marked the center at one end, put it in place, then lined up one ruler, taped it down, and lined up the other. It made a little channel for my strap and I could hardly go wrong. (The photo looks like it isn’t in the center. That’s because I did a serpentine stitch and wasn’t smart enough to take the picture when the foot was in the center of the strap! And, yes, that’s actually blue painter’s tape. I was devastated to find out that the lovely purple painter’s tape doesn’t hold as well as the blue. And here I thought this was just a decorator touch, having different colors! It’s to differentiate tackiness of the tape. Darn!)

Read more about using two rulers in my handout from an earlier blog post. (It’s here.) We’ll offer you the same special on these rulers we did back then. They’re normally $6.95 and you’ll get two for $10.43, but only through August 7th. You must note in your order “I read the blog” to get this price!

Anyway, back to the Miranda Day Bag! I couldn’t decide whether I wanted a button on the flap or not. What do you think? Do you like it with a naked flap? Purple button (10554)? Green button 27468? Both? Let me know which you like best. (Buttons are here.) (To find the item on our web page after clicking on the bold words, hold down the “Ctrl” key and touch F. Enter the item number in the box, and you’ll be taken to that item!)

7 thoughts on “I finished my Miranda Day Bag!

  1. I think I like the purple one because it ties the lining color at the top in with the rest. If I were doing it again, I might have put the purple on the bottom, too. The nice thing is that these are quick enough to make, that if you can another idea, you can make it again! Send me a photo of yours when you finish! erica@ericas.com

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