That "Perfect Seam"

Sometimes you hear people say that as long as your seam allowance is consistent, it doesn’t matter if it’s ¼” or not. I don’t think it matters if it’s an exact ¼” or scant ¼” either, but in some patterns it really matters how much of the fabric is taken up by that seam.
I wrote up a sheet to show the tools I used to get my seam allowance in quilting. I keep my extra bobbin cover and my ¼” foot together, and pull them both out if I’m piecing. I always use the same thin thread for piecing as well, because if you use thicker threads, they take up more of the seam allowance. In many quilts it won’t matter so much, but if you get more intricate patterns, with more seams, in different directions, it might matter a lot! This works for me.
Click here to get my sheet.  Happy quilting!

Keep thread and pins away from your helpers, no matter how much they want to learn!

One thought on “That "Perfect Seam"

  1. Keep thread and pins away from your helpers, no matter how much they want to learnWhen I read this warning it reminded me of my big tabby Tex. He loved helping me in the sewing room and laying in the sun. I caught him with needles hanging out of his mouth more than once. One time he got into the thread when I wasn't watching. He swallowed several yards of rayon embroidery thread. I didn't know it until he started acting "sick". I took him to the Vet. The Vet did a thorough exam and several hours and several phone calls later, we owed him about $3,000. The thread had wrapped around the cat's tongue and knotted. It then went through his digestive system and out his rectum. The thread caused his intestines to bunch up like an accordian. Luckily the Vet was able to get it out and Tex lived for many more years. I learned a very important lesson the HARD way. So take this as a warning if you have pets and you sew.

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