I guess summer is over!

Summer must be over, because Notre Dame played its first game in town, the newsletter’s done and I’m working on our September Creative Sewing Club. You can see my helper in this photo.

  If you haven’t seen our newsletter, take a look at the whole thing by clicking here.
If you’re anywhere in our area, be sure to sign up for The Stitch Connection presentation on September 18th. Lynda’s quilts are great for hand or machine embroiderers, and she’ll inspire us all with her wonderful samples!  This is just one. 

Nancy Halvorsen came to visit Erica’s on her way to her distributor, and many people had the opportunity to meet her.  We have more photos in the newsletter, but Deanna was one of Nancy’s fans who got to come.
We have lots of photos to share of people and projects. We love it when people come into the shop to show us, and we also have online customers send photos.  They always add a bright spot to our day. These are just a few of many you can see this issue! 
Here are Jeanette, Jolinda, and Rachel, a family who enjoys quilting together.
Marcie made a special wallhanging for a friend.  
My granddaughter, Bri, worked with us during the summer, and quilted her wallhanging on Grandma’s HQ Fusion.
We also have a review of New and Noteworthy items in several categories.

If you’re a cat lover, don’t miss our Crafter Kitties. We are happy to share your photos of your feline helper, too, so keep your camera handy.

In the local section, you’ll see that our classes start soon, so if you can join us to learn something new, we’d love to have you. Our classes are always fun. We have a Kids’ Sewing Class starting really soon, so take a look at that for a child or grandchild.
I’ll be going to Quilting with Machines in Ohio on the 22nd (I love learning, too!) so if you’re there and see me (I’ll be wearing purple), please say hello!

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