Felted Yarn Purses


An “Erica’s Exclusive” from our expert knitter and crocheter, Cathy Mark!!  Here’s what she says about her felted purses:

“These little purses are so cute and quick, you’ll want to make an assortment for yourself or for Christmas gifts. Spend one evening, and you’ll have one purse. There’s a knitted version and a crochet version. Both are done with a bulky wool yarn (I used Como from Debbie Bliss). You knit, fold and stitch side seams, then felt. Once the piece is dry, you add the zipper (by hand). Embellish the zipper pull and you have a special little item. The crochet version is done in a circle, and you crochet two circles, join, felt, and then again add a zipper. Choose a single yarn for a classic look, or several colors for a striped effect. Choose a zipper that coordinates (as I did) or one that’s an accent color. The knitted version would be great with a contrast color at the beginning and end (which ends up being the opening) and you could use a zipper that matches that color, not the main color. The crochet version could have a chain of a contrast color around the outer edge for a bit of interest. If you want to make bigger versions, simply buy more yarn (you only need one skein for each, about 50 yards) and knit/crochet more rows. The finishing is the same! The pattern is free with any yarn purchase, but to make this project quick and easy, choose a bulky weight with the most wool (100% is best, but even 75% wool will felt). Have fun!”

The purses are here: http://www.ericas.com/yarn/special.htm

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