My Margo Handbag Never Looked So Good!

Because Erica’s and our customers have supported the Humane Society of St Joseph County for a long time, Dick and I were honored to be invited to tour the new facility in Mishawaka before they officially opened to the public. Because of generous contributions of the community, these animals now have warm and inviting places to be while waiting to pick out their new owners.  Here is Dick with some friends in the Play Room.
The gals in our Sewing Department sewed up a variety of pillowcases for the new little beds in the Playroom and the Kitten Room, so I got to put some on the beds. They were appreciated right away!!

“Now where did that orange kitten hide?”

I sat down on a bench in the Kitten Room, and quick as a flash I had a new hat!

I had set my Margo Bag (59134) on the floor, forgetting how curious the young kittens are. Several tried, but this one won out. You can imagine how hard it was to take him out of the bag and leave!

We are so happy for the animals and staff at the new facility. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll take time to go visit. And maybe take along some cat or dog food, or a donation. And you might just find a furry someone who has been waiting just for you!

You might need a sewing or quilting assistant (or two or three) to help out in the sewing room. I always have help getting my binding ready.

I had a place holder when I was making my Microwave Potato Bags for Sewing Club.

I had even more help getting samples ready for my Handi Quilter Club. Tchaikovsky started out guarding my stencils but fell asleep on the job.

Kassi first wanted to be sure that my sample was well pressed.

Then she double checked it before I got it on my Handi Quilter Fusion frame.  I’m sure I get so much more done with all this help!
I have shared my life with many animals over the years, from alligators to raccoons and a white crow, and they have all given me more than I’ve given them. I hope you have someone in your life who loves you unconditionally, and sometimes even helps with your sewing and crafting!

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8 thoughts on “My Margo Handbag Never Looked So Good!

  1. I have three cats and three dogs who love to help me quilt! I couldn't get so much done without them. LOLThanks for sharing the photos of the shelter and your kitties.Tiggs

  2. Oh l love your story on the shelter & your kitties. I have rescued do many pets over the years, all of them just precious. I, too, cannot get my quilting or embroidering done without my helpers. I just have 2 kitties and a Boxer at the moment. They are my treasures.

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