Back from Quilt Market

Quilt Market is on of my favorite trips, and I get to go twice a year. It’s in different places in the spring, and every fall in Houston. Here we get to take a flying leap at what you’re going to want to see in our store and on our website! Actually, Cathy has become very good at that, so she does a lot of the choosing, especially fabrics, and I get to wander around and find patterns and books that I get excited about and want to make models of. We also get ideas for clubs and classes.

I found more models that I want to make than I’ll have hours in the day! Some are from fabrics that are available now, and some aren’t available until next year, so they kind of space themselves out to some extent. And then sometimes when the fabric finally comes in, I’m on to something else and that model never does get made. Kind of like other things in life…

There’s really something for every taste! A group of machine embroidery designs for table runners caught my eye with their luscious theme of “I Love Pie” There are 5 different designs, all tempting but calorie-free in the making. (A11155)

Frame quilters will love the new Anne Bright design boards coming in, for use with the stylus at the back of your machine. If you have computerized quilting, take a look at the fantastic new book, Step into Digital Quilting that has design files and 13 projects to use them with. This is the first book like this that I’ve seen and I already have three different projects planned from it. (A11148)

 Handi Quilter has wonderful new videos and lots of new templates! These are great for people who like “ruler work” and we covered some of them in our HQ Club. Of course they are all applicable to other frame quilting systems, too.

Any kind of quilter will like the new PolyLite 60 weight thread, We are getting it in solid and variegated colors. It’s thin but strong, and great for micro-stippling and other detailed quilting, even at the high speed of frame quilting, and quilting where the texture is what you want to show. The thread just gives a slight sheen. It’s also perfect for hemstitching, because it’s thin and doesn’t fill up the holes your wing needle makes. It should be in soon.

We picked up a line of Asian applique patterns that will go so well with all the fabrics in our Asian kiosk. I love the fact that the designer incorporates Angelina, giving that touch that only Angelina can. Of course one of these is on my list, too. I just had a hard time deciding which one! Maybe Koi Dance, because I could use Angelina for the little Koi fish.  (A11161)
Also on the same pattern page are some Seasonal Angels, from a lovely lady, Laura Tigner. This is the one I’m going to do.  The pattern comes with a painted face in color that you can print on printer fabric, so the face will look just like the artist’s version!  (A11217)

Below the angels you’ll see another model I want to make. We got the Leaves Galore templates in last spring, and one of the quilts I wanted to make wasn’t available until now. Christmas Ribbons can be made either Christmas, or in other colors, and the poinsettias become other flowers.  (A11221)  We have a video on our site that shows how to use the templates.

Years ago I made my first Southwind Designs wallhanging, Mexican Stars. The technique they call “peeled back patchwork” gives you curves without having to actually piece the curves. My new model will be their Fishy Fishy quilt. I haven’t decided yet whether it will be the full nine fish quilt, or just a baby quilt with four fish. (A11228) It’s such a fun technique! Of course I liked the new handbag designs also!

Snuggle Up, by my friend Linda from The Stitch Connection, is also on my list, pretty high up! I just love the designs and you can do them on your embroidery unit, or with regular applique on your machine. Filled Embroidery is A11222, and traditional applique is A11223. The traditional has lots of fun machine techniques besides applique. She has several other new patterns on the same page. They’re always so well done.

Design Magic Stencils and Paintstiks are fun to work with. There are two new stencils added to the collection, Bubbles (A11197), and Wreath (A11198). Click on each stencil to see a sample of how each can be used.  There are new iridescent Paintstik colors; lime, grape, and watermelon, which are available separately or in a mini pack. (A11186).  See them all here.

We really liked the Monthly Minis, cute little appliques you can do in an afternoon.  We’re offering them  monthly, starting in January with the February Mini.  Each month you’ll receive the pattern, pack, stand topper, and button set if applicable, for the next month – so you can have your mini ready to display during the correct month. Club will begin in January 2011 with the February project. You can sign up now and pick them up in the store or have them shipped to you.

(To find an item or event on our web page after clicking on the teal words, hold down the “Ctrl” key and touch F. Enter the item number in the box, and you’ll be taken to that item.)
These are just a few of the things we picked up at Quilt Market.  There are new things coming in all the time. You can always check our “New Items” page to see what’s come in.

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