Odds and Ends

I was working on my Star Crossed Love (59697) model for the store, and doing a lot of chain piecing. 
I had my pieces spread out on the cabinet the way I wanted them, and there really wasn’t a convenient spot for my Gypsy Cutting Gizmo (47319). And my Cutting Gizmo is to chain piecing what cheese is to pizza:  I can hardly do without it!  So I took a look at the lid of my Ruby and discovered that if I slipped it off the pins, I could slide two rubber bands on, and they would hold the Cutting Gizmo perfectly. Now it’s so handy for cutting the threads between pieces!  By the way, don’t you love the poster I have behind my Ruby?  (You can click on it to see it larger.)  “What matters most is how you see yourself,”  I think it’s a great philosophy.
One of the other projects I’m working on is for a class designed by Golden Threads called “Quilt as Desired.” Those words throw fear into the hearts of quilters new and old. This will be a class on deciding how to quilt the top when you’ve finished, how to audition quilting designs, and how to transfer them to your top. I’m really excited about it. I need to make an Ohio Star quilt top to use with the presentation.

It’s an odd size, and I couldn’t find a pattern. So I used Electric Quilt to design it and figure out sizes. Then I went to my Triangulations (A11333) and printed out the quarter-square triangles on Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper. (25518) 

Here I have my fabrics layered as directed, and I sewed on the dotted lines.
After I sewed the page, I cut the pieces apart on the solid lines.

I sewed the block pieces together the way I showed you in an earlier post, February 25, 2010. (You can still get the instruction sheet if you go to that post.)

Here’s the finished block.  (OK.  So you clicked on it to enlarge it, since I told you about clicking on the poster, and you saw where that one point doesn’t quite meet!  I am not a perfectionist!   Life is too short.  And when I get that quilt done, there will probably be more than just this one little imperfection.  I believe that “done” is better than “perfect” and in the whole scheme of things those places won’t be noticed.  And if you’re a perfectionist, I (the imperfectionist) will get more quilts done than you will!  LOL!)
Triangulations has both half-square and quarter-square triangle sheets in any size you need. The instructions are great, for both the printing and the sewing. Carol’s Foundation Paper is really easy to pull off after stitching, so they’re a great duo!
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3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. on occasion I still use the square method and draw the center line and sew on each side… but for the most part I'm a very happy TRIANGULATIONS girl 🙂 No better way to mass produce tons of HSTs! and I've also learned I can slice off just a few from the paper to make it fit my larger scrap pieces ;)Mine is the older version – haven't tried or read where anyone showed how the Trianglations are used to make the Flying Geese yet…Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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