Bad Quilting Fairy!!! and How About that Snow!!

What just happened! Who took control of my machine when I wasn’t looking??  I couldn’t have been the one who did that!
I was merrily quilting along on my Handi Quilter Fusion, when I looked down and saw this!  Must have been the bad quilting fairy who missed the “ditches” in the phrase “Stitch in the Ditch.”.

Well, I got out the trusty quilter’s and embroiderer’s friend… the permanent marker!!

Here’s what it looks like after touching it up. You’d never have seen it if I hadn’t shown you!

When I’m working on a quilt, I keep the appropriate color Fabrico Markers in the cup I have stuck to my Fusion, and when the bad quilting fairy takes over control and screws it up, I have the marker right there.

Actually, after that, the delayed light dawned. I stabilized the rest of the quilt as I did all the stitch in the ditch with monofilament thread, which I would have done in the first place, if I had been thinking.

Here’s a photo of the help I got with squaring up and trimming that quilt.

I always like to see the pattern that emerges on the back of the quilt.

And what about that snow!! We were closed last Saturday and Sunday with 36″ of snow. This is the scene from my studio window midway through Saturday. (I used to call it my “sewing room” but I read somewhere that it’s more important if it’s a “studio.”)

A few minutes later, several birds came to the feeder and our youngest (cat, that is) pounced on the window, startled them, and the tower of snow fell off. It’s too bad, because it would have been fun to see it by the end of the day. Anyway, if you happen to be snowed in, there’s no better excuse to sew or stitch! It’s like kids getting a snow day off school. Of course if you have kids snowed in with you, you might not get as much sewing and stitching done…

2 thoughts on “Bad Quilting Fairy!!! and How About that Snow!!

  1. Smart!!!! Love the judicious use of Fabrico Markers in many situations. 🙂 Did your gorgeous helper tell you about those? 😉 Wow, you were slammed with snow and that is great capture of the bird feeder. I am still waiting for an Innova longarm. Someday! I'd almost sacrifice my bedroom to get one. :)~Christina in Ohio

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