Giant Panda

I just finished my Giant Panda wall hanging (A13717)!  It’s large, 34″ x 37″ and I think it’s fantastic!  Look at his eyes!  So pensive!

It’s part of Rob Appel’s Endangered Species Quilt Project.  With each pattern in the series that is sold,  $3 is donated.  Michael Miller, whose wonderful Fairy Frost fabric is used in these patterns, also donates $3.  So you can be helping endangered species while you’re enjoying creating a striking wallhanging.

I used Heat ‘N’ Bond‘s new Feather Light (996591) fusible, and even where there are several layers, it isn’t stiff!  And it was easy to do, too.  I was surprised how quick it was, with lots of big pieces, easy raw edge applique and easy quilting.

Here you can see one of our new boys, Bernstein, just a few days after he got to our home, helping me out with the accent strip.  He’s already an avid sew-er!

My next Endangered Species project is the Bengal Tiger (A1371)!  I’m sure Bernie will be excited about this one!

Update:  Many of you know we lost the last three cats from our original cat family, over more than 20 years, in the last quarter of 2011.  We had gotten our new boys, Bernstein and Puccini, in November, and lost our little girl, Kassi, a few days before Christmas.

Our new girl, also from the Humane Society, will come home next week after her stitches are removed from being spayed.  She’s a three-year old Siamese with beautiful blue eyes, and she promised she’ll be a lap sitter for Dick!  I’ll post pictures after she gets used to being here.  (If you have room in your heart and home, please visit your local Humane Society and find someone you needs you.)

Thanks to all who commiserated with us on our losses. Many sew-ers are also animal lovers!

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9 thoughts on “Giant Panda

  1. How do you control the cat hair? Right now I have a cat in our three season porch attached to detached garage. She has never known being in the house. My husband spends a lot of time in the garage workshop and garage. I was just wondering.

    • I gave up trying to control the cat hair. We do what we can, and use the sticky roller on the quilts, but real cat fanatics appreciate the companionship so much that we just accept it as a part of life. We finally think of it as an embellishment! (But it did take a while to get to that point.)

      • I also had many cats and the hair is never ending, but the love and companionship I souly receive is more than little worries about cat hair. We also lost a little Lady Calamity Jane Wood whom I picked up from her litter in the shelter I worked. I send my condolences to you all.
        I really love this shop online. I will be ordering from you in the near future. Please keep up the great work.
        Sincerely Kendra

  2. Erica,
    Your Panda is resplendent! I’ll have to try some of Heat ‘N’ Bond‘s new Feather Light when I run low on all my other products.
    Congratulations on your new girl. I can’t wait to see her. HIldegard Von Bingen? 🙂
    Wishing you and yours all the very, VERY best in 2012 and beyond.
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  3. Erica, I can’t believe that I missed this blog post . . . but then again I had emergency gall bladder surgery over the holidays so I wasn’t up to par. This panda is goregous! I’m glad to hear about the Heat ‘n Bond Featherlight. I’ll have to pick some up after I use up my current products. I think I will like it a lot better. I’m not making the music connection with the name of your latest family member – Lacy.

    To the others that have have cats . . . you just learn to live with the cat hair because they love to help you when you are sewing. As soon as I put up the ironing board my three all jump on it for a pet!!! Then I have to use the lint roller and cover it with a sheet – LOL. I am never fast enough to get it covered with the sheet before they hop up on it. I wouldn’t give up all the companionship for the little bit of extra work the cat hair takes.

    • Hi, Martha, no connection with music on Lacy’s name, like all our others with the composers’ names. Couldn’t find another female composer name we liked, so decided to let Kassia be our only girl with a composer’s name. This gal just looked like a “Lacy” to us. I agree about the cats and cat hair. I keep ironing board fabric over my board. (979377 on It’s easier to brush the hair off! See you tomorrow for Handi Quilter Club.

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