What I’m working on…

The snow and ice of a few weekends ago kept us from opening the store, as I told you in an earlier post. So I did what any full-blooded, dyed-in-the-wool quilter would do – I quilted!!

These are the projects I worked on.

I’ve been working on Star Crossed Love (#59697) as what I call my “long term” project. (I like to have one that I know is going to be spread out over several months, while I pick out faster, more immediate gratification projects. I usually have a t least three projects going at once. That way there’s always something I feel like working on.)
So I now have 28 blocks completely done, and 20 that are sewn and need trimming. Look how well these Hunter’s Star blocks go together with the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star (48168) technique. Here I’m pressing the center seam open on my Steady Betty (40895). It holds the fabric securely while the tip of my Velocity 100 (45731) iron opens them right up.  (The Velocity 50 [A10736] came out after I got mine, and that’s a great iron, too.)
Here’s the right side.               These 28 are done.
This table topper is quilted with my Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher. It’s from Step into Digital Quilting (A11148). I love the projects and companion designs in this book! There are still 4 placemats to go with this. They use the Cappuccino Bali Pops (43503). I have them pieced, but not quilted. That’s for another day.
The third thing I’m working on is the Christmas Ribbons (A11221) quilt. First I sewed strips of the greens together. I used two of my favorite rulers  (45153) taped together on the left, and my Sewing Edge Strips (29853) on the right, on my extra bobbin cover. Then I pressed open the seams and fused Mistyfuse (23681) to the back. I cut the inside leaves with the Leaves Galore Grande template (59786) and did the placement with the Quilter’s Chalk Line (59384). (I’ll show you photos of this later on.) BTW, that’s my Gypsy Cutting Gizmo (47319) on the lid of my Ruby. I told you about that back on December 2nd, last year.
Oh, and I also got my Butterfly Trails quilt bound. It’s from Time Out Quilts, #40319.
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4 thoughts on “What I’m working on…

  1. Hi, Bonnie, Your quilt is fantastic! What a lucky lady in Australia! Isn't it amazing how different they look in different fabrics. Your quilter did a great job! Thanks for commenting.

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