Quick Hint and Kassi Update

We had another snow day, and I took the time to quilt instead of working on a new post, but want to show you my “favorite rulers” again!

I needed to do a deeper seam in the two pieces of Michael Miller black (#92732) that I’m using for my Star Crossed Love quilt (#59697). (Yes! I finished it, borders and all, and now on to my favorite part, the quilting.) So I taped together two rulers (#45153), taped them where I wanted the seam allowance, and just slid the fabric through!

Here’s a close up.

(If you wonder why I have the rubber bands on my Ruby, look back at my December 2nd post and see how I use them with my Gypsy Cutting Gizmo (#47319)!

Here’s a photo of my ever-present sewing student, Kassi, pressing my quilt as I was adding borders to my Star Crossed Love quilt.

Here she is being cute as she watches how I squared up the corners on Cathy’s Something’s Fishy Scrap Therapy Quilt (#A10066).

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2 thoughts on “Quick Hint and Kassi Update

  1. Erica, I adore Kassi, what a great helper. I, too, taped two rulers together for the same reason. I actually used double sided tape between the rulers and on the "bottom" to stick to my Juki's table. I was thinking of taping a slightly wider ruler to the top of the two when I want a "channel" for the fabric to slide through. Congratulations on your beautiful artwork accomplishments. ~Christina in Cleveland

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