Just a little squirrely!

This is the normal view from my computer in my sewing “studio”/office. Sometimes there are three cats, on the mat in front of the window. This is Kassi. If you remember the snow on the bird feeder from an earlier post, she’s the one who flew at the window to scare the birds. I think the ones who knew there was a window there and were thumbing their beaks at her caused the snow to fall off.

Sometimes there’s a squirrel there sharing, but that’s ok.

I have a soft spot for squirrels. Way back when, when I was Blue Bird leader for my youngest daughter, my little son came running into a meeting yelling about a baby squirrel in the back yard. We all ran out to see, and the little guy was hurt. After the meeting I took him to the vet, and the vet helped him, but said it was too late in the fall, and the mother wouldn’t be back to care for him. So now I was a mother squirrel. We built a cage and put it on a chair in the house to get Screwloose through the winter. Our dog, Gesundheit, (she sneezed a lot, as did my allergic husband) decided to share the parenting role and sat under her chair and growled when her baby was approached. Anyway, the family took Screwloose to a forest preserve in the spring and we all cried.

So that’s why I like squirrels and don’t mind feeding them. However, this winter I noticed the seed was going down unusually fast. Working in the office one day, I found out why!

Look closely!

So if you live in my neighborhood, you might see a really round squirrel!

What does this have to do with needlework, sewing, or quilting? Obviously nothing. However, I’ve found that most people who enjoy the same pastimes as I do, also enjoy animals. So there you have it!

5 thoughts on “Just a little squirrely!

  1. Bird feeder $20Bird seed $ 5Photo of squirrel IN feeder…. $pricelessOh my stars that is one adorable squirrel… maybe eating for several??? More babies …..Thanks so much for the wonderful story and the great photos!Hugs,Christina in Cleveland

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