Add Some Color to the Winter White!

For some, spring flowers are still a couple of months away. But we have a cute new kit to bring that fresh, bright feeling to your home while we wait for all this white stuff to go away.

Our new Button Flower Pot Starter Kit (#A11764) along with a pack of Trendy Buttons-Flowers (#27521) and a pack of Bright Flower Buttons (#49174) will make up quickly to add a touch of Spring to your life.

Simply place the foam into the pot then add the moss to fill in and cover the foam. Choose your buttons and slide them to the middle of the wire (going up through one hole and down through another). Fold the wire over and, holding the two ends together, twist the wire. Poke into the foam, arranging to make a pretty mound. How easy was that garden to plant? If your pot needs a little companion, you can add a cute frog (#26183) like we did! Enjoy!
Guest Bloggers: Cathy Mark & Cheryl Nelson

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