Cutting Corners, and Under the Covers

I use painter’s tape and quilting rulers and squares to square up my quilts. No matter how good a quilter you are, what might have been perfectly straight sides of a quilt top don’t translate into perfectly straight edges once the three layers are quilted. The painter’s tape creates the new edges of the quilt. I learned this method years ago from Susan Cleveland with the first quilt I put Piping Hot Binding (23940) on. (I highly recommend this technique and do many of my quilts with Piping Hot Binding!)
BTW, I used to use purple painter’s tape. I was crushed when I learned that it doesn’t stick as well as blue! I thought it was just a pretty alternative, but the color apparently designates how tacky the tape is. I finally gave up and now use blue. Painter’s tape is a quilter’s best friend.
When I have all four sides squared up with the tape, I sew a straight line about an eight inch inside the tape to hold the layers together at these new edges. After I do the stitching, I cut off the tape and extra batting and backing. Of course I’m always very careful when I do this. I always lay it out smoothly, checking to be sure nothing is folded.
However…this time…
Thank goodness it was just a corner!  I grabbed some plates from the kitchen and checked to find the one that would work to round those corners so no one would know. Here you see the accidental cut, the curve drawn, and the stitching just inside the line.

I love the rounded corners!

PS. since this note went out in an email, I’ve had two people ask if I used bias binding, so I thought I’d add this.  I did NOT use bias binding.  I used crosswise strips, and when I turned a corner, I clipped the seam allowance almost to the stitching like I used to do at arm holes when I made garments.  It works fine!
“Under the Covers” has nothing to do with sewing, quilting, or needlework.
This is our 20 year old, Beethoven, and this is a regular thing with him.  I happened to be on the treadmill when he started and I ran to get the camera so I could share this.
I wish I had the sound effects! He sings while he does it. (His fur is unusual, called “smoke.” It’s black on the tips and white closer to the body. Our Kassi has the same fur.)

Does your cat do something unique you’d like to share?

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