Good Beginnings and Endings

Maybe you already know this technique, but many people don’t. I learned it in a class years ago with Ricky Tims and was so excited! It lets you clip your bobbin thread from the top side of the quilt so that you don’t have to try to get underneath or clip when you’re finished. So when I got home after several days, and had a chance to try it, I couldn’t make it work because I forgot one step. I made a note below to help you understand that step and why it’s so important. I show this on my Handi Quilter Fusion, but it works with regular domestic machines as well.
Take one full stitch to pull up your bobbin thread.
Hold both thread tails and take tiny little stitches to secure your threads before starting the quilting.

When you need to end, do tiny little stitches again.

Pull your longarm machine away a bit (or pull the quilt sandwich away, if you’re working on a regular machine). Take hold of the top thread.
Hold that loop while you take another stitch in the same place as your last tiny stitch.
Still holding the top thread loop, pull your machine (or the fabric sandwich) away at least six inches. When you have moved it 6” away, the bobbin thread coming from the bobbin case underneath is 6” long because it’s that far away from your last stitch.  (This is so your bobbin thread will be long enough to bring to the top when you start stitching again, and it’s really important.  Moving the quilt away is the step I forgot when I was first learning.)

You will see a loop of the bobbin thread.

Cut all the threads – the top thread where you made your last stitch, and the loop of the bobbin thread.

You’ll see that your top thread is now loose, and you have one little piece of the bobbin thread!

Amazingly, the bobbin thread has been cut, and you didn’t even need to turn the quilt over!
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