No More "Hitch" in His "Giddy-Up"

The other day, as my young grandson was running with his brothers, I noticed that he had to constantly keep pulling his pants up. It’s not that his pants didn’t fit, he just doesn’t seem to have much of a “behind” to keep his pants from sliding down while running. I asked him if he’d like Memaw to make him something to keep his pants up…he said yes!

So I gathered up a few things:
1/4 yard of Timeless Treasures Crayon fabric 991403 cut into two 3 1/2″ x WOF strips
Heavyweight Interfacing: two 1/2″ x 36″ strips
Two 3/4″ Vest Buckles
Ironing Board Cover Fasteners A13070

You will use two fasteners for 1 set of suspenders. Put the other set aside for you next pair!
Remove the elastic from one fastener and cut the second fastener in half.

Fold each of the two strips of fabric in half lengthwise and press. Open strips and press long edges to the center. Fold strip on original fold, encasing edges of fabrics at inside fold and press.

Open strip again and fold one edge of each strip in about 1/2″ and press. Insert interfacing along the center fold, and fold and press one more time. Beginning at end of strip without the fold, topstitch along both edges of strip, ending about 1″ from the folded end.

Measure to determine the length of suspenders and add about 6″.  For a 4 year old, the measurement was 26″ + 6″ for a total of 32″. For a 5 year old, the measurement was 28″ + 6″ for a total of 34″. Cut suspenders to desired length.

Insert fabic strips onto vest buckles.  Zig-zag stitch along unfinished edge of each strip.  Fold about 3/4″ of strip over center bar of buckle and carefully stitch to encase the bar with the vest buckle “face up”.  Stitch slowly and carfully not to hit the metal buckle!

Insert the folded edge of fabric strips through clip ends, making sure that the clips are “face up”.
Insert folded edge of fabic strips through buckle, making sure that clips and buckles are “face up”.

Your pair should look like the pictures above.

Measure and mark about 1″ from the cut ends of the elastic with the clips. Insert the ends of the elastic into the ends of the strips with the folded edge, matching markings with the folds.

Continue topstitching from where you left off.  Sew the end in an “X” pattern as shown for reinforcement. 

Measure 5″ from end of elastic and mark with pins.  Place the suspenders along the 60 degree lines of a cutting ruler, matching the 5″ marks at the center point of the 60 degree lines.  Pin suspenders together.

Carefully pick up the suspenders and take to your sewing machine.  Sew suspenders together in the diamond pattern that is created when the strips are crossed.  I sewed mine twice along the diamond shape for durability.
Clip onto pants and adjust straps with the buckles. And Yea!  No more pants falling down! 
Post by Cheryl

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