Let’s Talk Grommets!

While grommets may not be the first thing you think of when you think “trendy”, they are a fashionable accent on many accessories. There are the type that require a special tool, but we’re talking about the fast & easy-to install-newer versions. They come in loads of cool colors too, so why not add a bit of hardware to your look? We’ll show you how easy it can be!
We have many patterns that use grommets, often for attaching straps, but sometimes as a decorative detail.  “My Favorite Bag” (A12527) is a top seller that has a cute tie running through a row of grommets. The designers also have a slightly smaller version, “The Little My Favorite Bag” (A13556) with the same cute detail.
The designers at Indygo Junction must love the hip look of grommets, because they have several patterns that use them. “Grids & Grommets” (38435) has the straps pass through grommets, as does the “Grommet Hipster” (53420). The smaller “Tie Pocket Pouch” (59692) uses a grommet for the closure like the “Grommet Wallet” (59690) does.
Now, let’s talk grommets. The ones we carry and use for our samples are so easy to apply to your project. You don’t need a tool other than your hands! These grommets snap together, so you just need to decide where they will go, cut a hole in your fabric (a template is included to help), baste around the opening (to hold the layers together).  Put one part of the grommet under the hole, the other piece on top, and snap them together. Fast, easy, no problem!
The colors they come in are great, and you’re sure to find a shade to add a bit of zip to your project.
Use a metallic one for a classic look, or a bold color for a little something extra. Looking for a trendy accessory?   Now you’re thinking about grommets!
Post by Cathy M.

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