Building an Applique

I told you some time ago I was going to make the Christmas Ribbons Quilt (A11221) for the store. I’ve had to set it aside several times for more pressing deadlines, but it has now become the pressing deadline. (If you’re going to the Indiana Quilt Guild Quilt Show in Indianapolis, you’ll see it finished.)

I cut all the appliqués with the Leaves Galore Template (59786), which made it really easy!

Then I put the green petals on.
The Quilter’s Chalk Line (59384) made that part easy, too.

I used my Applique Pressing Sheet to build the Poinsettias. You can see below how easy that was.  (30351 and 25088)

Fortunately my daughter, Cathy, did the buttonhole stitch around all the appliqués for me (again making it a breeze – for me, anyway!)
So this is how to build the poinsettias from the diagram that comes with the pattern.
Start with the drawing or diagram of the applique.

Lay the Applique Pressing Sheet over it.

Lay the shapes on, building from what would be farthest back toward the top.

When you like the way it looks, press it with an iron, and you have just one piece you can easily place on your fabric.

We’re going to look around the shop when the quilt is finished, to find something to put in the centers.

Until next time, may all your stitches be happy ones!

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