If You Knew Suzi…

like I knew Suzi.. well, you know the rest!
And this one is quite a gal, too.
Actually, this story started with Candice, the newborn Lazy Girl!  I love my Margo Bag (59135), as you can seehere and here.  However, I’m used to a larger bag, and even with an organizer, itwas just a bit small for me.  
When Lazy Girl started teasing us with Candice, 50524, I could hardly wait!  I pickedout my fabrics as soon as I got the requirements, and I was really ready!   Since she wasn’t back from the printer yet at that time, Idecided she needed her own organizer. So I made SuziA11131  You can see her on the same web page.
As I started cutting out the pocket pieces for Suzi, Idecided I’d like to share a few things with you.

Here you see my 15”squareOmnigrid Ruler.  84409 

(I’m a non-denominational ruler lover!  I joke that I have every ruler known toman.  I try lots of the new ones, and chosethe ones I want by whoever has the size I need.)  Anyway, you can see here how I added extra blacklines that I found helpful.  I drew indiagonals and half-way lines in both directions with my Identi Pen (11867) on the frontof the ruler.  I also filled in thecorner ¼” where the 1” marks come together.  That way it’s easy to find my startingspot.  (I do this with all my rulers.)  Here I was cutting a 13” x 8”piece, so I put the black mark in the upper right hand corner, having the part covered with the ruler a little larger than 13” x 8”.  Then I trimmed the right sideand across the top.  (You lefties areused to turning things around, so you can probably see how to reverse this.  My left handed husband has been known to say, “The right half of the brain controls the left half of the body. This means that only left handed people are in their right mind.”) 

I put the marked ¼” inthe opposite corner, and lined up the two edges with the exact size I need.  Here the 13” line is along the top of the fabric and the8” line is along the right side.  Then I turnedmy mat around (I have a smaller mat on top of my cuttingtable mat, so it’s easy to turn it,) and I trimmed the last two sides.

So here’s my Suzi, waiting for Candice!  She was so easy to make!!  As for Candice, I got my instructions and nowhave all my pieces cut and interfaced where needed, but still have to finish quiltingmy Christmas Ribbons to display at the quilt show first.  Try to be patient now, sweet Candice, I’ll be withyou as soon as I can!

Until next time, may all your stitches be happy ones.
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