Goodbye to another Longtime Feline Friend

I never dreamed we’d have to say goodbye to yet another of our beloved companions a month after losing our 20 year old Beethoven! Tchaikovsky was 17 ½ when he stopped eating and drinking. There was nothing we could find to tempt him with, and all the tests and x-rays showed he should have responded to the medications and infusions he got. The vet said it could be cancer and if diagnosed, he could receive chemo, but that might not help either. Within a week, we knew it was time.

We moved into our current building 17 years ago, and the day we opened, a customer brought in a litter of kittens. We knew one had to be ours for two reasons. First, they were born on our youngest son’s birthday.  Second, they all had extra toes, just like our beloved first kitty Farquar, that we lost to feline leukemia in just three months.  Farquar paved the way for those who followed. Although we hadn’t thought we’d get a longhair cat, Tchai was so beautiful and lay in our arms like a baby and we couldn’t resist him.
For a long time Tchai rode to work with us and came back each day. He stayed in my office with me. One day he decided he wanted to stay home, and he screamed all the way to the store and the way back. So he stayed home from then on, the better to harass his sister!
Tchai loved the sun, and he knew how to completely relax.
He also loved fabric baskets, even if they were a little small for his 16 pounds.

He loved the cat walks, ramp, and stairs and other amenities of the kitty house we all live in.

But most of all, Tchai loved quilts! He was the inspiration for the quilt block I use on our masthead.
And we loved to see him watching over us for all the years he blessed us with his presence, and both our boys’ spirits remain with us, along with others we lost before..
With our hearts breaking, we have said goodbye to two wonderful companions in way too short a time. I want to thank all of you who emailed me after my post about our beloved Beethoven. We’ve never gotten such a huge response to anything we’ve ever done in our newsletter or blog. There were so many beautiful, heartwarming notes, and we know we have fellow animal lovers all over the world. So many agreed with us that our hearts can always make room for more animals who need good loving homes. This house feels so empty now, and our little girl (shown with Tchai in one of the photos) seems lonely, too, though she seems consciously trying to fill the void for us.. We hope to be able to visit the Humane Society again soon, after we get back from Quilt Market next month.
Until next time…
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8 thoughts on “Goodbye to another Longtime Feline Friend

  1. From one cat lover to another. My heart breaks for you. I have no idea how they worm their way into our hearts until they are just one of the family. Contrary one minute and purring their love for you in another minute.

  2. With tears, I acknowledge and feel your loss yet with smiles know you had GREAT times together. May your know your beloved Tchaikovsky AND Beethoven are hanging around watching over you in spirit. 🙂 Hugs, Christina

  3. Thank you for being one of so many feline lovers! It hurts a bit less and makes fond memories better when shared. Our kitty characters really become a part us forever!

    • Thank you so much, Melissa. We couldn’t live without our furbabies, either and we now have a whole new family. If you search for “Bernie” and “Lacy” on our blog, you’ll read about the new ones. We’ll be posting a photo of Lacy soon.

  4. I feel everything you’re going through, we lost our beloved 17 1/2 yr old cat 3 days before Christmas and I still cry each day for him. It will be raw for you for some time to come, but I hope the memories and joy they both gave you will gradually make you smile again. May they RIP and be happy together. x

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