Happy Thanksgiving, and Meet Bernie and Pucc!

We are thankful for so much this holiday and the year through ~ of course our family and friends like you who read our blog and know us through our store and website. We hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

This year we’re also thankful for the wonderful memories of Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, the loving felines we lost recently, and we’re thankful to have two new boys who are helping fill the holes in our hearts and emptiness in our home.

Some may not feel that Bernie and Pucc (pronounced “Pooch”) are good names to join our other noted composers, like our little 8 year old girl, Kassia. (Kassia was a rebellious 8th Century composer who, against the wishes of the men in the clergy, wrote liturgical music. And, yes, our Kassi is just as headstrong and determined!) However, when you know these nicknames stand for Leonard Bernstein (West Side Story..) and Giacomo Puccini (La Boheme, Madame Butterfly..), it might change your mind.

So many of you told us you wanted photos of our new guys when we got them, so here they are!

We picked out these two the Friday after we got home from Quilt Market. Really, they picked us out. We were looking for small, older tabbies and Bernie is a 7 month old part Munchkin (though we didn’t notice that at the Shelter because he was always in our arms or climbing around our necks), and Pucci is white with black spots, a year old. We arranged to pick them up the next Wednesday, since I had to prepare for my Handi Quilter Club meetings Tuesday and Wednesday morning, and I knew they would be too much of a distraction.

So Wednesday came and we brought the boys home.. to hissing and spitting from Kassi. So they stayed in a spare room for two days as we exchanged blankets and toys to try to start them adjusting to each other. The boys were amazingly already buddies, just having been together since we picked them out.

But Kassi was another story.  The first time we let them out that 3rd day, they raced all over the house with Kassi watching safely from a cat walk above.

After a few more times running around the house, they discovered all the cat stuff we have for them!
The pole leads to the catwalks. One of the catwalks leads to the stairs, with the Mount Olympus landing, and another goes to the cat head shaped opening to the ramp into the next room! They found them all, and didn’t ignore the jungle gym, either.

Now, a week later, they’re all friends, though the boys still sleep and eat in their room. They eat so much faster than Kassi. at first we’d break our necks tripping over them to get their bowls to their room, so we trained them, and when we say “go to your room, boys,” they rush in and we close the door until Kassi finishes. Other than that, I think they’ve all trained us to hold them when they want attention, and smile every time we look at them.

Ahhh, life is good!

PS; the bed Kassi and Pucc are on is a box that covers my printer. All you cat lovers will understand why, even if you haven’t seen the YouTube video!

Please go to your local Humane Society to get your own wonderful companions!  The St Joseph County Humane Society has over 400 cats to find homes for, and lots of dogs and other animals.  There’s certain to be one or two just right for you, too!

Again, thank you for being with us.

Until next time…

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7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, and Meet Bernie and Pucc!

  1. Congratulations to you humans and to Bernie and Puce for picking such great humans. :)I am happy for you all. A wonderful furever home story for this holiday. Thank you!!!Christina in Cleveland

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