I Love Candace!

Here’s Candace! (50524)

I love Lazy Girl bags ~ they fit into a busy schedule because they don’t take a lot of time to have a professional looking finished product.  They have great features, too.  I like the way these handles attach.  That way you can replace them if they show wear.  The front is a pocket, which I learned from my Margo Bag (50135), is essential.

This one will also hold more kitties from the Humane Society, so I took it along when we went to look for our new boys  We ended up with older cats, so they didn’t climb in, but this little one was thinking about it!.

This one ended up as a model in the store, so I needed to make another one for myself.

Same colors, of course!  I had liked the pockets on my Margo Handbag, so I enlarged them and used the Candace pockets on one side and the Margo pockets on the other!  (You might have noticed that I have the pocket opening on the right side of this Candace and on the left in the first one.  I could tell you that was on purpose, but I’d be lying.  Of course, it works either way.)This time I used a foam stabilizer for added stability.  I had used it in the handles of my first one, and loved it!  We carry both Soft and Stable (A13749) and Inn Control (A12989) and they both work.  There is a black version of Soft and Stable. I tried it in place of fusible batting in the pattern instructions, which put it against the lining.  I ended up having to make the lining smaller.  Doing it again, I’d put it against the outside fabric instead.  I really like the stability. I also added feet, as I do with my bags.

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One thought on “I Love Candace!

  1. I, too, LOVE the Candice bag. I made one for a niece for Christmas with the Soft and Stable, and I love it. I used the Soft and Stable on the bag outsides rather than the lining, and it worked great. It took a little getting used to it, but I like the heft it gives to the bag and the handles. I also like your idea about making Margo pockets on one side and Candice on the other. I would never have thought of that. I’ll have to try that with the next one that I make for me. I just might break down and buy a Kindle to put in it, too!!

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