Lacy Settles In

So many of you have asked for photos of our new girl, so here they are!  Lacy’s at least three years old, and I can’t believe she was out on the street all her life, but that’s where she was found before she was taken to the St Joe County Humane Society.  No one claimed her, and I’m so glad we found her.  She’s a real sweetheart!

First she had to examine all the kitty stuff.  Down the ramp to the bedroom, she ended up filling the spaces our last three left last year in the bed at night…

She loves the Kitty Corner.

She sleeps here sometimes.
And sometimes with her brother, Puccini, on the box that covers Mommy’s printer..
Sometimes she sleeps here.
Sometimes on Mommy’s chair when she gets up for a minute,
and on Mommy when she gets back to the computer.
And she walked right into the position of quilt inspector,
and, most importantly, pronounced my Mama and her Kitten (A14957) approved! Thank you, Lacy!!

9 thoughts on “Lacy Settles In

  1. Thank you!!!! Lacy is a sweet heart as is Puccini. 🙂 How did they adjust to each other? Did you have to introduce them slowly to one another?
    You have quite the wonderful fur kids! I agree with Lacy’s assessment of your Mama and her kitten quilt. 🙂
    Hugs and purrs from my J.T.
    Christina in Cleveland

  2. She may have been a stray. But, at some time she lived with people, or she wouldn’t have settled in so well. She’s a lucky girl. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks, everyone, who posted here or sent personal notes! Lacy’s head is now even bigger as I told her all the comments about how beautiful she is! It’s once again proof that sew-ers, quilters, crafters, are all animal lovers and we support each other. Hugs and purrs to all!

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