Quick Tip for Pressing a Quarter Inch

I was working on a project recently, and it called for a strip of interfaced fabric to have the two long edges pressed in 1/4″.  From the beginning of my sewing experience (more years ago than I’ll admit), that phrase filled me with dread!  That is, until I figured out an easy way to do it.  I thought I’d share that with you today.

I lay the strip right side down and draw a line parallel to each long edge, in from the edge 1/2″.  Then I simply press each edge in to meet that line!  So much easier than before I thought of this.  You may have thought of it, too, but if not, try it next time you need to “press edge in one quarter inch” and you’ll see the dread fade for you, too!

I turned around as I was writing this to see my Lacy, lying in a box top I keep on my desk to put papers for recycling in.  Of course she’s way too big, but that doesn’t stop her.  It’s her new favorite place to nap!  I couldn’t wait to share the photo with my fellow feline fanatics! By the way, if you haven’t seen the Crafter Kitties in our newsletter, be sure to check the pages out here: http://www.ericas.com/nl/page23-25.pdf .   I’m working on another newsletter for the end of the month, and there will be new photos.

If you have some to contribute, we love to get them.  Include details about yourself and your Crafter Kitty.

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