What a Cat-astrophy!!

I came back into my studio from dinner to see this batting lying on the floor under my Handi Quilter Fusion! (I used to just call it my sewing room, but read somewhere that calling it a “studio” improves the value of the room!)

batting lying on the floorAs usually happens when I see (or do) something that’s really wrong, the room really heats up! Once I mop my brow and neck and calm down, the room cools off a bit, and I can start to analyze the problem…

In this case, the batting that was left under the quilt on my frame was too short for the wallhanging now, and Bernie (Munchkin feline) was hiding. I should have noticed that he was attracted to wool batting, and not left the room with the batting unprotected from feline nose. Ahhh, hind sight! Eliminating the cat was not an option, so I had to eliminate this particular problem.

I had already started quilting, so I couldn’t completely replace the Heat Press Batting Togetherbatting. Then I remembered that I had some Heat Press Batting Together (rather unwieldy name, but really great product!), and it would solve the problem. A12633 

Cats and battingSo I pulled the jagged batting up from where it had been hanging down and laid it on top of the quilt. I put another piece of batting so that the straight edge was under my jagged Handi Batting Scissorsedge by a few inches. Then I cut both layers  in a pretty straight line with my Handi Batting Scissors (22078), removed the two short pieces that got cut off, and butted the edges together.

I used my portable iron, Petite Press (47293), and fused the two edges together.Petite Press

When it cooled, I lifted it so I could get to the other side, and pressed Heat Press Batting Together on that side too. Same as new!!

(You can see a detailed video on how the Heat Press Batting Together works on our site.)

HQ FusionWhen I went to bed that night, you can be sure that wool batting was pulled up, out of feline reach!  I have two huge pieces of corrugated card board from a treadmill we got, and I cover a quilt in progress with them to prevent feline hammock activity.

Covered Handi QuilterAnd then I covered the Handi Quilter!

Stamp of Approval

After getting the feline stamp of approval, and adding Piping Hot Binding (23940) to my Mama and her Kitten quilt, it was finished! 

Mama and her Kitten Quilt

Mama and her Kitten (A14957)

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2 thoughts on “What a Cat-astrophy!!

  1. Oh Erica, love that “feline hammock activity”.. had me laughing out loud.
    Your quilt is looking wonderful!!! Of course it would receive a stretch-out stamp of approval.
    Thanks for the tutorial and all the yummy ideas!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

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