Stress-Free Zippers!

Post by guest blogger Rebecca Adams.

Being an employee at Erica’s I am constantly challenged to do things outside my comfort zone.  During a Creative Sewing Club meeting, Erica and I discovered that many of our customers have a fear of zippers.  We agreed that it would be good to go over zipper insertion.  I was game until I discovered that I would be the one doing the explaining!  After trying the following patterns, I can honestly say that zippers are “no sweat!”

Terry at Atkinson Designs has really got zipper insertion down to a science. She breaks the process down into a few easy steps and the results are truly amazing!

First you measure and cut the zipper to the correct length needed. You achieve this by simply cutting the end of the zipper off, zipper stop and all. Then you take two 1” x 1.5” pieces of fabric and fold each wrong sides together.   You sew one to each end of the zipper creating new zipper stops. (The folded edge of the fabric goes toward the center of the zipper.)



Next you simply sew on the pieces of the bag you are working with, one side at a time.  If you are using cotton, you need to sew the zipper and fabric right sides together using a zipper foot, then topstitch to create a finished look. If you’re using a laminate fabric, just fold under one 1/4” and  sew close to the zipper teeth using a Teflon presser foot.


To finish the bag, you fold it right sides together and sew the sides and bottom together. Quickly and easily you have inserted a zipper and finished a quick little bag! If I can do it, you can do it!

Start with one of these patterns to try stress-free zipper insertion for yourself, and have a great finished project at the same time:

Project patternsAtkinson Designs Cash & Carry (28033) $8.00
Atkinson Designs Lollipop Bags (A14624) $6.50
Sweetwater Pack & Go (A12091) $8.00

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