Dec la Table!!

We finished my Dec la Table Holiday Tablerunner/Wallhanging class sample! I’m really pleased with it, and enjoyed both the bargello and the embellishing. (A16910 pattern, A16392 fabric pack)

Lacy enjoyed it too!

Join me in class if you’re in our area. 

I used to struggle getting the paper backing off some of the fusibles. Then I got a tip when one of the embroidery stabilizers came out, and I use it all the time! In case you’ve had the same problem, I’d like to share it with you, using one of the ornaments. I scanned the applique pages from the pattern and ran copies of them on Print N Fuse through my inkjet printer. (I hate all that tracing so this is a great way to get out of it!) (24252, 24253, 24254)

This is what one of the ornaments looked like after I fused the piece to the fabric and cut it out.

Next, I scored the paper with a pin.

That makes it easy to remove the paper backing!

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6 thoughts on “Dec la Table!!

  1. How I wish you were in my area of the country! I would love to learn to do Bargello and would need a class to actually take that challenge on. Love your tabecloth/wallhanging. It would make a wonderful gift!

  2. I am definitely a novice but was shown the trick with the pin when I purchased my monogramming machine many years ago. It also works when using the sticky paper in a hoop on a monogramming machine. Put the paper in the hoop with the top layer still attached (helps keep the sticky residue off the hoop frame). Then from the top of the hoop, make a big X with a pin on top of the paper. The top layer pulls off leaving the sticky side usable inside the hoop square. So easy!

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