How to use your smart phone to make great quilts

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been in a quilt shop and thought you found that last perfect fabric for your project, only to get home and realize it should have been more green-ish blue, not redish-blue. Now it’s just another fabric to add to the stash.  (Of course, that’s not bad!)

Or you’re just not sure if the fabric you already have is enough to use for the backing with the quilt top you just finished piecing.

Well surely you are familiar with all of the applications that can be downloaded to our smart phones and tablet devices today. I took a look at a few that I want to tell you just a little bit about.

Smart Phone App Folder

As you can see I’ve already downloaded quite a few. Just do a search in your app store for “quilt” or “quilting” and you’ll find more than you could possibly need. Many of the best apps are even free or very low cost.

One of my personal favorites is the Quilt Shops app you can see above. Of course we’ve always got to be able to find the nearest shop when we’re out and about right?

Once you’ve found that shop you can use either the Quilt Reference app or the Robert Kaufman Quilt Calculator to figure out just the right amount of fabrics that you need to get your next project started. Of course the Robert Kaufman app will show you the latest fabric collections and link you to all of the company’s social media accounts as well.

Anita Goodesign has an app for you machine embroiderers out there. You can browse through her currently available collections and download the Anita Goodesign Quarterly to find out about events and education opportunities in your area.

Wooly: A Ravelry Companion

For you knitters and crocheters, I’ve discovered an app called Wooly: A Ravelry Companion. This is the first one I’ve seen that allows you to view your notebook in an app on your smart phone. Before the only way to see it was in a browser and it was teeny tiny. Now you can see your projects, your queue, and keep track of your stash when you are on the go!

There is so much great information available at the touch of our fingers today. I love being able to find so much helpful information while I’m on the move.

Have you used any of these apps already? Which ones do you love? Which ones didn’t I find that I need to see? Please let us all know with your comments!
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